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Ionospheric scintillation characteristics in IRNSS L5 and S-band signalsSujimol, M R; Shahana, KIJRSP Vol.46(1) [March 2017]15-19
Space debris: Reasons, types, impacts and managementSylvestre, Habimana; Parama, V R RamakrishnaIJRSP Vol.46(1) [March 2017]20-26
A review of potential radiative effect of aerosol on climateKumar, Raj; Guleria, Raj PaulIJRSP Vol.46(1) [March 2017]5-14
Relation between interplanetary parameters and geomagnetic field variations during solar cycle 24Kumar, U L Visakh; Varghese, Bilin Susan; Kurian, P JIJRSP Vol.46(1) [March 2017]27-31
Magnetic storm time effect on upper and lower atmosphere: An analysis through GPS and remote sensing observation over GuwahatiChetia, Bornali; Devi, Minakshi; Kalita, Santanu; Barbara, Ananda KIJRSP Vol.46(4) [December 2017]120-130
Studies on F2 layer critical frequency in the southern hemisphere during solar cycle-23Seema, C S; Prince, P RIJRSP Vol.46(4) [December 2017]103-109
Diurnal-scale signatures of monsoon precipitation over IndiaRajan, D; Iyengar, G RIJRSP Vol.46(4) [December 2017]110-119
Correlation analysis of lidar derived optical parameters for investigations on thin cirrus features at a tropical station Gadanki(13.5ºN and 79.2ºE), IndiaJayeshlal, G. S.; Satyanarayana, M.; Motty, G S; Dhamana, Reji K; Pillai, Mahadevan V PIJRSP Vol.47(1-2) [March-June 2018]9-19
Solar cycle variation and its impact on critical frequency of F layerAtulkara, Roshni; Mansoorib, Azad A; Khan, Parviaz A; Purohit, P KIJRSP Vol.47(1-2) [March-June 2018]20-29
Study of night time TEC depletion over Indian regionRao, S S; Sharma, Shweta; Pandey, RIJRSP Vol.47(1-2) [March-June 2018]5-8