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Estimation of emissivity and scattering coefficient of low saline water contaminated by diesel in Cj band (5.3 GHz) and Ku band (13.4 GHz)Calla, O P N; Ahmadian, Nima; Hasan, SayehIJRSP Vol.40(5) [October 2011]267-274
Variability of estimated dielectric constant obtained using theoretical models over Pacific Ocean in open sea for sea surface salinity varying from lower to higher valuesCalla, O P N; Purohit, Uttra; Asopa, Pooja; Kalla, Abhishek; Dadhich, HarendraIJRSP Vol.41(3) [June 2012]367-371
Variability of dielectric constant of dry soil with its physical constituents at microwave frequencies and validation of the CVCG modelCalla, O P N; Baruah, A; Das, B; Mishra, K P; Kalita, M; Haque, S SIJRSP Vol.33(2) [April 2004]125-129
Emission and scattering behaviour of dry soils from northeast IndiaCalla, O P N; Baruah, A; Das, B; Mishra, K P; Kalita, M; Haque, S SIJRSP Vol.33(5) [October 2004]321-328
Comparison of SMOS soil moisture/brightness temperatures for morning and evening passesCalla, O P N; Sharma, Rahul; Gadri, Kishan Lal; Kalla, Abhishek; Agrahari, Sunil Kumar; Rathore, GauravIJRSP Vol.42(6) [December 2013]420-424
Estimation of dielectric constant of soil from the given texture at microwave frequencyRanjan, Vivek; Bohra, Chetan; Calla, O P N; Naik, Gangadhar L; Hasan, Waseem; Bali, Harmeet SinghIJRSP Vol.33(3) [June 2004]196-200
Emission characteristics of dry and wet loamy sand soil layered pack at microwave frequenciesCalla, O P N; Singh, R KIJRSP Vol.31(5) [October 2002]285-292
Study of MSMR retrieved data using map generation and representation methodology over Rajasthan, IndiaCalla, O P N; Rathore, Usha; Chakravorty, Gitanjali; Joshi, Naveen Dutt; Parihar, VikasIJRSP Vol.37(4) [August 2008]279-284
A method for calibration of space borne passive microwave sensors using a desert areaCalla, O P N; Parihar, Vikas; Joshi, Naveen Dutt; Chakravorty, Gitanjali; Rathore, UshaIJRSP Vol.37(4) [August 2008]285-290
Comparison of emissivity and scattering coefficient of two samples of Aravali rocks and dry soils of Rajasthan at frequencies of X-bandCalla, O P N; Bohra, Dinesh; Agarwalla, Sanjib Kumar; Ghosh, Sandip; Bohra, Chetan; Vyas, RajeshIJRSP Vol.36(1) [February 2007]65-71