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Some anomalous behaviour of GPS/GLONASS constellations during meteor shower of 18 Nov. 1998Banerjee, P; Mukherjee, Somik; Mathur, B SIJRSP Vol.28(1) [February 1999]53-54
Spread F at tropical latitude stations in IndiaRastogi, R G; Chandra, HIJRSP Vol.44(4) [December 2015]177-186
Equatorial electrojet in the African sectorRastogi, R G; Chandra, HIJRSP Vol.44(4) [December 2015]187-198
Effect of transverse inhomogeneous electric field and loss-cone distribution on electrostatic ion-cyclotron instability in the ionosphereMishra, Ruchi; Tiwari, M SIJRSP Vol.33(4) [August 2004]223-233
Statistics of one-minute rain rate distributions in IndiaSen, Rajasri; Singh, M PIJRSP Vol.28(2) [April 1999]66-69
Diffusion coefficient and wave amplification determination from pitch angle dependent kinetic energy of electronsSingh, D P; Singh, U PIJRSP Vol.33(4) [August 2004]234-240
Role of field aligned currents and parallel electric field on the generation of whistler mode instability in the earth's magnetosphereMaru, Harsha; Kumar, Sushil; Gwal, A KIJRSP Vol.28(2) [April 1999]95-102
Relationship between ambient sulphate and sulphur dioxide at four different sites in AgraParmar, R S; Lakhani, Anita; Kulshrestha, U C; Kumar, N; Kumari, K M; Prakash, Satya; Srivastava, S SIJRSP Vol.28(2) [April 1999]60-65
Inter-annual variability in the dynamics and physics of the mean onset date of monsoon over Indian regionNaik, S S; George, L; Salvekar, P SIJRSP Vol.33(4) [August 2004]241-251
A fuzzy logic classification for remote sensing clouds imagery on the tropicsBhattacharya, R; Dey, S SIJRSP Vol.28(2) [April 1999]70-74