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Study of amplitude and phase scintillation at GPS frequencyDubey, Smita; Wahi, Rashmi; Mingkhwan, Ekkaphon; Gwal, A KIJRSP Vol.34(6) [December 2005]402-407
Simultaneous ULF/VLF amplitude anomalies observed during moderate earthquakes in Indian region*Singh, Birbal; Kushwah, Vinod; Singh, Vikram; Tomar, Manoj; Hayakawa, MIJRSP Vol.34(4) [August 2005]221-232
Long-term trends in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere: Models and observationsMahajan, K K; Kumar, Ashok; Lodhi, Neelesh KIJRSP Vol.36(6) [December 2007]543-555
Mesospheric, lower thermospheric dynamics and external forcing effects: A reviewKazimirovsky, E S; Vergasova, G VIJRSP Vol.38(1) [February 2009]7-36
Some studies of solar flare effects on the propagation of sferics and a transmitted signalDe, B K; De, S S; Bandyopadhyay, B; Paul, Suman; Barui, S; Haldar, D KIJRSP Vol.38(5) [October 2009]260-265
Correlation of foF2 and M(3000)F2 over low latitude stations during low solar activity periodNagar, Anju; Mishra, S D; Vijay, S KIJRSP Vol.44(2) [June 2015]78-87
Changes in foF2 parameter in the ionosphere at mid and low latitude before and after earthquakeKaur, Harleen; Verma, Shivali; Purohit, Pramod KumarIJRSP Vol.45(3) [September 2016]101-114
A study on the response of Indian dip and low latitude ionospheric regions to a limb centred X9.0 class solar flareKumar, Pramod; Choudhary, Raj K; Bhatt, Yogesh C; Shishodia, Yadvendra SIJRSP Vol.46(2) [June 2017]37-45
Studies on F2 layer critical frequency in the southern hemisphere during solar cycle-23Seema, C S; Prince, P RIJRSP Vol.46(4) [December 2017]103-109
Radio Beacon Studies at Physical Research LaboratoryChandra, H; Bagiya, Mala S; Iyer, K NIJRSP Vol.48(1-2) [March-June 2019]5-25