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Investigation into quiet and magnetic storms periods above Magadan during October - December 2003David, T WIJRSP Vol.42(2) [April 2013]89-96
Study of O+(2P-2D) 732.0 nm dayglow emission under geomagnetic storm conditionsDharwan, Maneesha; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.44(4) [December 2015]167-176
GNSS positioning accuracy over Nigeria during geomagnetic storm of 24-27 October 2011 and 7-10 October 2012Joseph, Omojola; Johnson, Abimbola OladiranIJRSP Vol.44(3) [September 2015]138-146
F-region variability over the anomaly crest regionChandra, H; Sharma, Som; Aung, Soe WinIJRSP Vol.39(5) [October 2010]302-307
Characteristic features of ICMEs associated with big storms in geomagnetic activity and large Forbush decreases in cosmic ray intensityGupta, V; Singh, Y P; BadruddinIJRSP Vol.39(5) [October 2010]265-269
Cosmic ray Forbush decreases after the giant solar flare of 15 February 2011Kane, R PIJRSP Vol.41(5) [October 2012]520-523
Strong solar flares, weak geo-effectivenessKane, R PIJRSP Vol.41(6) [December 2012]575-578
Response of equatorial electrojet during the super geomagnetic storm of April 2000Rastogi, R G; Chandra, HIJRSP Vol.41(5) [October 2012]524-535
Effects of geomagnetic storm on middle latitude ionospheric F2 during storm of 2-6 April 2004Adekoya, B J; Chukwuma, V U; Bakare, N O; David, T WIJRSP Vol.41(6) [December 2012]606-616
Response of ionospheric foF2 over south east Asian sector to geomagnetic storm of 29 October 1973David, T W; Chukwuma, V UIJRSP Vol.41(3) [June 2012]332-338