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Spatial correlation function of intensity variations in the ground scintillation pattern produced by equatorial spread-F irregularitiesEngavale, B; Bhattacharyya, AIJRSP Vol.34(1) [February 2005]23-32
Analysis of vertical drifts in the post sunset equatorial F-region during geomagnetically quiet and disturbed periodsSimi, K G; Vineeth, C; Pant, T K; Alex, SIJRSP Vol.42(4) [August 2013]229-239
On the variability of the observed HF Doppler derived equatorial F-region plasma drifts during evening and morning hours and the chemical corrections thereinSumod, S G; Pant, T K; Nayar, S R PIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]130-140
Response of equatorial electrojet during the super geomagnetic storm of April 2000Rastogi, R G; Chandra, HIJRSP Vol.41(5) [October 2012]524-535
Multi-frequency HF Doppler radar observations of vertical plasma drift —Preliminary resultsNayar, S R Prabhakaran; Sreehari, C V; Shibu, S; Devassia, C V; Rao, K S V Subba; Mohankumar, S VIJRSP Vol.34(4) [August 2005]233-242
Ionospheric studies for the implementation of GAGANAcharya, Rajat; Nagori, Neha; Jain, Nishkam; Sunda, Surendra; Regar, Sawarmal; Sivaraman, M R; Bandopadhyay, KalyanIJRSP Vol.36(5) [October 2007]394-404
Ionospheric foF2 variability at equatorial and low latitudes during high, moderate and low solar activityAkala, A O; Somoye, E O; Adeloye, A B; Rabiu, A BIJRSP Vol.40(3) [June 2011]124-129
Nocturnal variations of F-region vertical ionization velocities near the magnetic equatorOyekola, O S; Ojo, AkinremiIJRSP Vol.35(4) [August 2006]227-233
HF Doppler radar observations of vertical and zonal plasma drifts–Signature of a plasma velocity vortex in evening F-regionSreehari, C V; Bhuvanendran, C; Nayar, S R PrabhakaranIJRSP Vol.35(4) [August 2006]242-248
Equatorial spread-F research in India: A brief review Sekar, R; Chakrabarty, DIJRSP Vol.37(1) [February 2008]7-27