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Association between earthquake and equatorial waves in outgoing longwave radiation over South East AsiaLal, Manohar; Bhagavathiammal, G JIJRSP Vol.45(1) [March 2016]30-40
Possible detection of ionospheric disturbances during the Sumatra-Andaman islands earthquakes of December, 2004Chakrabarti, Sandip K; Saha, M; Khan, R; Mandai, S; Acharyya, K; Saha, RIJRSP Vol.34(5) [October 2005]314-318
Study of infrasonic waves at low latitude northern hemisphere, IndiaLal, MIJRSP Vol.34(1) [February 2005]62-66
An analysis of the relation between precipitation and earthquake in the Indian regionGoswami, H; Devi, M; Rambabu, S; Barbara, A K; Prakash, KIJRSP Vol.43(1) [February 2014]41-47
A search for precursors of earthquakes from multi-station ULF observations and TEC measurements in IndiaChauhan, Vishal; Singh, O P; Pandey, Uma; Singh, Birbal; Arrora, B R; Rawat, Gautam; Pathan, B M; Sinha, A K; Sharma, A K; Patil, A VIJRSP Vol.41(5) [October 2012]543-556
GPS based total electron content (TEC) anomalies and their association with large magnitude earthquakes occurred around Indian regionSingh, O P; Chauhan, Vishal; Singh, BirbalIJRSP Vol.42(3) [June 2013]131-135
Anomalous behavior of D-layer formation time of the ionosphere due to earthquakeChatterjee, Achintya K; Bari, Washimul; Choudhury, Asit KIJRSP Vol.38(3) [June 2009]138-142
Ionospheric effect of earthquakes as determined from ground based TEC measurement and satellite dataSingh, Vikram; Chauhan, Vishal; Singh, O P; Singh, BirbalIJRSP Vol.39(2) [April 2010]63-70
Subsurface VLF electric field emissions associated with regional earthquakesSingh, Raj Pal; Kumar, Manoj; Singh, O P; Singh, BirbalIJRSP Vol.38(4) [August 2009]220-226
Observations of ULF/ELF anomalies detected by DEMETER satellite prior to earthquakesBhattacharya, S; Sarkar, S; Gwal, A K; Parrot, MIJRSP Vol.36(2) [April 2007]103-113