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Effect of transverse inhomogeneous electric field and loss-cone distribution on electrostatic ion-cyclotron instability in the ionosphereMishra, Ruchi; Tiwari, M SIJRSP Vol.33(4) [August 2004]223-233
Diffusion coefficient and wave amplification determination from pitch angle dependent kinetic energy of electronsSingh, D P; Singh, U PIJRSP Vol.33(4) [August 2004]234-240
Inter-annual variability in the dynamics and physics of the mean onset date of monsoon over Indian regionNaik, S S; George, L; Salvekar, P SIJRSP Vol.33(4) [August 2004]241-251
A logistic regression model for prediction of premonsoon convective development over KolkataDasgupta, S; De, U KIJRSP Vol.33(4) [August 2004]252-255
Preliminary results on equatorial spread-F irregularities by VHF and HF radarsSekar, R; Kherani, E A; Viswanathan, K S; Patra, A K; Rao, P B; Devasia, C V; Subbarao, K S V; Tiwari, D; Ramachandran, NIJRSP Vol.29(4) [August 2000]262-271
Influence of geomagnetic activity on the occurrence of midlatitude ionogram-recorded spread-FBowman, G G; Mortimer, I KIJRSP Vol.32(1) [February 2003]16-20
Analysis of rectangular waveguide with quadruple groove using finite element methodChaudhari, Ajay SIJRSP Vol.31(3) [June 2002]162-165
Shorting pin loaded microstrip antenna for dual-band operationVishwakarma, Rajesh K; Vishvakarma, Babau RIJRSP Vol.34(4) [August 2005]281-284
RPA aeronomy experiment onboard the Indian satellite SROSS-C2— Some important aspects of the payload and satelliteGarg, S C; Anand, J R; Bahl, M; Subrahmanyam, P; Rajput, S S; Maini, H K; Chopra, P; John, T; Singhal, S K; Singh, Vishram; Singh, Dhan; Das, U N; Bedekar, S M; Soma, P; Venkteshwarlu; Goel, D PIJRSP Vol.32(1) [February 2003]5-15
Estimation of sub-soil temperature using air temperatureChacko, P Tessy; Renuka, GIJRSP Vol.34(4) [August 2005]269-273