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Effect of substrate temperature on properties of spray deposited semiconducting Cdln2S4 thin films Sawant, R R; Bhosale, C HIJPAP Vol.44(10) [October 2006]741-745
Fastion transport in P(VDF -HFP)-PMMA-PC-LiClO4-TiO2 composite gel polymer electrolytes Saikia, D; Kumar, AIJPAP Vol.41(12) [December 2003]961-966
Surface morphological, band and lattice structural studies of cellulosic fiber coir under mercerization by ESCA, IR and XRD techniquesMahato, D N; Prasad, R N; Mathur, B KIJPAP Vol.47(09) [September 2009]643-647
Thermally stimulated luminescence studies of undoped, Cu and Mn doped BaSO4 compoundsManam, J; Das, SIJPAP Vol.47(06) [June 2009]435-438
Spectral properties of cadmium malonate crystals grown in hydrosilica gelMathew, Varghese; Joseph, Jochan; Jacob, Sabu; Varughese, P A; Abraham, K EIJPAP Vol.47(10) [October 2009]691-695
Structural characterization of nanocrystalline PbS thin films synthesized by CBD methodChoudhury, N; Sarma, B KIJPAP Vol.46(04) [April 2008]261-265
Nano-structured ZnO films by sol-gel processBahadur, Harish; Srivastava, A K; Haranath, Divi; Chander, Harish; Basu, A; Samanta, S B; Sood, K N; Kishore, Ram; Sharma, R K; Rashmi; Bhatt, Vivekanand; Pal, Prem; Chandra, SudhirIJPAP Vol.45(4) [April 2007]395-399
Growth characterization and etching studies of calcium tartrate single crystal grown using tamarind extractPradyumnan, P P; C, ShiniIJPAP Vol.47(03) [March 2009]199-205
Thermal and XRD studies of polycrystalline (Fe, Sr) TiO3 ceramicsSrivastava, K K P; Sinha, K KIJPAP Vol.42(10) [October 2004]745-748
Effect of grinding on the crystal structure of recently excavated dolomiteRamasamy, V; Ponnusamy, V; Sabari, S; Anishia, S R; Gomathi, S SIJPAP Vol.47(08) [August 2009]586-591