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Ultrasonic studies on molecular interaction of certain carbonyl compounds in n-hexane and chloroform solutions Kannappan, V; Raja, S Xavier Jesu; Santhi, R JayaIJPAP Vol.41(09) [September 2003]690-695
Intermolecular interactions in ternary liquid mixtures by ultrasonic measurementsUmadevi, M; Kesavasamy, R; Ponnusamy, V; Priya, N S; Ratina, KIJPAP Vol.53(12) [December 2015]796-803
Evaluation of excess free volumes and excess internal pressures of binary solutions of o-chlorophenol at different temperaturesRao, G V Rama; Sarma, A Viswanatha; Ramachandran, D; Rambabu, CIJPAP Vol.43(08) [August 2005]602-608
Densities, viscosities, speed of sound and some acoustical parameter studies of substituted pyrazoline compounds at different temperaturesNaik, A BIJPAP Vol.53(01) [January 2015]27-34
Viscometric, volumetric and acoustic properties of binary mixtures of a nuclear extractant with monocarboxylic acids (C1-C3) at 303.15 KDalai, B; Dash, S K; Singh, S KIJPAP Vol.52(01) [January 2014]24-29
Copolymer formation through ultrasonic and viscosity measurementsAkhare, V P; Burghate, D K; Deogaonkar, V SIJPAP Vol. 45(12) [December 2007]984-986
Thermodynamic properties of electrolytes in aqueous solution of glycine at different temperaturesKanhekar, S R; Pawar, Pravina; Bichile, Govind KIJPAP Vol.48(02) [February 2010]95-99
Molecular interactions of polymethyl methacrylate and polyethyeleneglycol solutions in tetrahydrofuranSelvakuma, M; Bhat, D KrishnaIJPAP Vol.46(10)) [October 2008]712-718
Acoustical behaviour of glycerine, dextrose and sucrose in Na₂CO₃ and NaHCO₃ buffer solutionKannappan, A N; Palani, RIJPAP Vol.45(7) [July 2007]573-579
Excess volumes, deviation in viscosities and compressibilities of binary mixtures consisting of morpholine, piperidine with methanol and pyridine at different temperaturesRao, G V Rama; Sarma, A Viswanatha; Rambabu, CIJPAP Vol.42(11) [November 2004]820-826