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One step synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 nanoflakes by microwave irradiation technique and effect of Cu concentrationKandare, S P; Thorat, A B; Dhole, S D; Dahiwale, S SIJPAP Vol.57(01) [January 2019]7-13
Influence of Cu concentration on the structural, morphological, optical and catalytic properties of TiO2 thin filmsVidhya, R; Gandhimathi, R; Sankareswari, M; Neyvasagam, KIJPAP Vol.57(07) [July 2019]475-482
Optical properties of CdS:Pb thin layer deposited on glass substrateKaushik, Hariom Kumar; Kumar, Sushil; Chaudhary, Megha Gupta; Khan, SavidhIJPAP Vol.58(01) [January 2020]11-15
Synthesis and characterization of crystalline polyanilineSingh, Bharti; Das, BIJPAP Vol.58(10) [October 2020]735-739
Evaluation of third order nonlinear optical properties of SiO2/PVA-PEG Nanocomposites by Z-Scan MethodKannan, K; Agilan, S; Muthukumarasamy, N; Vinitha, G; Ramesh, CIJPAP Vol.59(01) [January 2021]23-27
Enhancement in structural, morphological and optical features of thermally annealed zinc oxide nanofilmSaxena, Namrata; Sharma, Varshali; Sharma, Ritu; Sharma, K K; Jain, Kapil Kumar; Chaudhary, SantoshIJPAP Vol.58(08) [August 2020]642-648
Physicochemical properties of p-hydroazobenzene: a nonlinear optical crystalPrasad, L Guru; Raman, R GanapathiIJPAP Vol.59(02) [February 2021]138-142
Performance of ZnO-Nb2O5 core/shell and aluminium doped ZnO electron transporting layer with CdS/CdSe quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsVenkatachalam, P; Rajalakshmi, SIJPAP Vol.58(06) [June 2020]470-477
Characterization of on Newly Developed Hybrid Reinforced Composite of Polypropylene with Agave –Amaricana, Nano-talc and StarchBajwa, G S; Singari, Ranganath M; Mishra, R SIJPAP Vol.59(05) [May 2021]372-378