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Characterization of zincblende CuInS2 nanostructured film: The XRD, Raman, FT-IR and UV-vis spectroscopical investigationsHurma, TIJPAP Vol.54(12) [December 2016]797-801
Optical, microstructural and electrical studies on sol gel derived TiO2 thin filmsTahir, M Bilal; Hajra, S; Rizwan, M; Rafique, MIJPAP Vol.55(01) [January 2017]81-85
Experimental study of PVA-PVP blend films doped with cadmium chloride monohydrateBaraker, Basavarajeshwari M; Lobo, BlaiseIJPAP Vol.54(10) [October 2016]634-640
Enhanced photocatalytic and disinfection activities of silver loaded ordered mesoporous titanium dioxide for water treatmentKundu, Virender Singh; Chauhan, Nikhil; Kumar, SureshIJPAP Vol.55(12) [December 2017]881-889
Preparation and characterization of hot-pressed solid polymer electrolytes: (1-x)PEO: xNaBrChandra, AngeshIJPAP Vol.54(09) [September 2016]583-588
Optoelectronic and antimicrobial activity of composite zinc oxide and cadmium sulphide quantum dots and application in water treatmentBarman, J; Sultana, FarhanaIJPAP Vol.55(03) [March 2017]231-236
Deposition of alumina films by inverted cylindrical magnetron sputtering assisted by optical emission spectroscopyKhanna, Atul; Bhat, Deepak GIJPAP Vol.55(01) [January 2017]19-24
Electrolytes for sodium ion batteries: A short reviewChandra, Archana; Chandra, Angesh; Dhundhel, R SIJPAP Vol.58(02) [February 2020]113-119
One step synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 nanoflakes by microwave irradiation technique and effect of Cu concentrationKandare, S P; Thorat, A B; Dhole, S D; Dahiwale, S SIJPAP Vol.57(01) [January 2019]7-13
Influence of Cu concentration on the structural, morphological, optical and catalytic properties of TiO2 thin filmsVidhya, R; Gandhimathi, R; Sankareswari, M; Neyvasagam, KIJPAP Vol.57(07) [July 2019]475-482