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Effect of frequency and bias voltage on the electrical and dielectric properties of atomic layer deposited Al/Al2O3/ p-Si MOS structure at room temperaturePhilip, Anu; Thomas, Subin; Nisha, R; Kumar, K RajeevIJPAP Vol.53(07) [July 2015]464-469
Ion beam modification and analysis of polymer compositesQureshi, Anjum; Singh, N L; Somani, Keyur; Rakshit, A K; Singh, F; Avasthi, D KIJPAP Vol.45(01) [January 2007]57-61
Dielectric relaxation and ac conductivity of double perovskite Ho2ZnTiO6Mahato, Dev K; Dutta, Alo; Sinha, T PIJPAP Vol.49(09) [September 2011]613-618
Effect of Si on the dielectric properties of Nix Zn1-x FeĀ­2O4 as a function of composition and frequencyUzma, GIJPAP Vol.53(04) [April 2015]271-273
Dielectric characterization of solution intercalation and melt intercalation poly(vinyl alcohol)-poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) blend-montmorillonite clay nanocomposite filmsSengwa, R J; Sankhla, Sonu; Choudhary, ShobhnaIJPAP Vol.48(03) [March 2010]196-204
Frequency dependent dielectric behaviour of cadmium and chromium co-substituted nickel ferriteTrivedi, U N; Chhantbar, M C; Modi, K B; Joshi, H HIJPAP Vol.43(09) [September 2005]688-690
Correlation between EPR, dielectric spectroscopic and conductivity studies of lithium substituted Na2Ti3O7 ceramicPal, D; Tandon, R P; ShripalIJPAP Vol.44(06) [June 2006]435-439
Physical properties of PbO-Al2O3-B2O3 glasses doped with Cr2O3Reddy, M Rami; Reddy, M Srinivasa; Veeraiah, NIJPAP Vol.44(06) [June 2006]446-454
Spectroscopic properties and dielectric dispersion of K2O-BaO-B2O3 glasses doped with Fe2O3Yusub, S; Baskaran, G Sahaya; Krishna, S Bala Murali; Rajyasree, Ch; Babu, A Ramesh; Rao, D KrishnaIJPAP Vol.49(05) [May 2011]315-322
Electrical properties of La-modified strontium bismuth titanateRaghavender, M; Kumar, G S; Prasad, GIJPAP Vol.44(01) [January 2006]46-51