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Structural and electrical properties of y(Ni0.7Co0.2Cd0.1Fe2O4) + (1-y)Ba0.9Sr0.1TiO3 magnetoelectric compositePinjari, R K; Aldar, B A; Burange, N M; Bhosale, C HIJPAP Vol.54(04) [April 2016]279-283
Synthesis and dielectric studies of PEO-PVP blended solid polymer electrolytesChandra, AngeshIJPAP Vol.51(11) [November 2013]788-791
Electrical conductivity and dielectric measurements in Au+ doped/undoped KDP crystals with KCl and NaCl as additivesKumari, R Ananda; Chandramani, RIJPAP Vol.43(02) [February 2005]123-128
Effect of charge transfer behaviour on the dielectric and ac conductivity of Co-Zn ferrite doped with rare earth elementAhmed, M A; Wasfy, M HIJPAP Vol.41(09) [September 2003]731-738
Temperature dependence of dielectric constant and loss tangent in methyl ammonium aluminium alumRawat, Arvind Kumar; Upadhyay, Trilok ChandraIJPAP Vol.54(03) [March 2016]183-187
Studies on fluid structure and molecular interactions of amidesThenappan, T; Sankar, UIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]435-439
Ac electrical properties of 60B2O3-(40-x) PbO-xMCl2 and 50B2O3-(50-x)PbO-xMCl2 (M=Pb, Cd) glassesSebastian, Shajo; Khadar, M AbdulIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]445-451
Dielectric and electrical properties of K1−xNaxNbO3 systemUniyal, Manish; Bhatt, S CIJPAP Vol.49(05) [May 2011]350-353
Field dependent dielectric behaviour of Ba1-xCaxTiO3 ferroelectric perovskitesPradeep, Dushyant; Kumar, Ashok; Naithani, U CIJPAP Vol.48(03) [March 2010]220-224
Swift heavy ion induced modification in makrofol-KG polycarbonateKumar, Rajesh; Singh, Paramjit; Ali, S Asad; Sharma, Anil; Khan, S A; Sonkawade, R G; Prasad, RajendraIJPAP Vol.48(03) [March 2010]166-171