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Title: Growth and characterization of tetravalent doped LiCoO2 thin film cathodes
Authors: Rao, M C
Hussain, O M
Keywords: Ti doped LiCoO2 PLD films;XRD;AFM;Raman and electrochemical
Issue Date: Oct-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Titanium-doped LiCoO2 thin films are grown by pulsed laser deposition technique on silicon substrates. Structure, AFM, FTIR and Raman are studied with respect to their deposition parameters, i.e., substrate temperature (Ts) and oxygen partial pressure (pO2) in the deposition chamber. The films deposited in pO2 = 100 mTorr showed good crystallinity on silicon substrates maintained at Ts = 700°C. It is found that such a film crystallizes in the layered -NaFeO2 structure. The influence of titanium doping on particle size and morphologies has been clearly studied. FTIR spectra displayed the characteristic IR dominant bands at 246 and 550 cm–1 for titanium doped LiCoO2 thin films. The Raman peaks observed for the films at 594 cm-1 and 485 cm-1 are ascribed to Raman active modes A1g and Eg respectively. The electrochemical measurements were carried out on Li//LiTiyCo1-yO2 cells. The Li//LiTiyCo1-yO2 cell delivered a specific capacity of 225 mC/m cm2. The influence of titanium doping on the structural and electrochemical properties has been systematically studied.
Page(s): 335-340
ISSN: 0975-1017 (Online); 0971-4588 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJEMS Vol.16(5) [October 2009]

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