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Influence of texturing variables on the properties of cationic dyeable polyester yarns with different DMS salt contentPal, S K; Gandhi, R S; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.22(3) [September 1997]146-153
Time-dependent behaviour of compressional properties of nonwoven fabricsKothari, V K; Das, AIJFTR Vol.19(2) [June 1994]58-60
Studies on compressional behaviour of nonwoven fabrics: Part II-Effect of rate of deformation, repeated compression-recovery cycles and pressure foot areaKothari, V K; Das, AIJFTR Vol.19(1) [March 1994]17-21
Studies on the compressional behaviour of nonwoven fabrics: Part I- Development of a constant rate deformation tester and its comparison with Essdiel thickness testerKothari, V K; Das, AIJFTR Vol.18(4) [December 1993]175-179
Structural properties of anionic modified PET textured yarn- A comparison with normal PETPal, S K; Gandhi, R S; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.21(2) [June 1996]109-115
Wicking behaviour of air-jet textured yarnsSengupta, A K; Kothari, V K; Rengasamy, R SIJFTR Vol.16(2) [June 1991]123-127
Air-jet texturing: Effect of jet type and some process parameters on properties of air-jet textured yarnsKothari, V K; Timble, N BSpecial issue: IJFTR Vol.16(1) [March 1991]29-38
Blend irregularity of air-jet textured yarnsRengasamy, R S; Sengupta, A K; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.24(4) [December 1999]233-241
Air-jet texturing of draw-textured yarnsKothari, V K; Yadav, V KIJFTR Vol.24(1) [March 1999]16-20
Air-jet texturing of filament feed yarns of different shrinkage potentialKothari, V K; Yadav, V KIJFTR Vol.24(2) [June 1999]81-85