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Enzymatic dyeing and functional finishing of textile fibres with ferulic acidSun, Sha-Sha; Xing, Tieling; Tang, Ren-ChengIJFTR Vol.40(1) [March 2015]62-69
Microwave-assisted antimicrobial finishing of wool fabric with chitosan derivativeXue, ZhaoIJFTR Vol.40(1) [March 2015]51-56
Bio mimetic coloration of wool using plant juiceNatarajan, SriKrishna; Gupta, DeeptiIJFTR Vol.41(3) [September 2016]306-311
Compressional behavior of Persian hand knotted wool carpets using response surface methodologyGupta, Shravan Kumar; Majumdar, Abhijit; Goswami, Kamal KantiIJFTR Vol.42(4) [December 2017]399-406
Fabric-evoked prickle of fabrics made from single fibres using axial fibre-compression-bending analyzerAsad, Rabie Ahmed Mohammed; Yu, Weidong; Zheng, Yong-hong; He, YongIJFTR Vol.41(4) [December 2016]385-393
A novel approach in pigment printing using nano-keratin based binderTaleb, M Abou; Haggag, K; Mostafa, Tahia B; El-Kheir, A Abou; El-Sayed, HIJFTR Vol.43(1) [March 2018]83-91
Natural dyes from lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysatesMeryemoglu, BaharIJFTR Vol.43(1) [March 2018]92-97
Use of fermented dough extract in the dyeing of wool fabricsOnal, Adem; Yilmaz, Mustafa; Eser, FerdaIJFTR Vol.43(1) [March 2018]132-135
Evaluation of liquid moisture transport in textile structuresGlombikova, Viera; Nemcokova, Renata; Komarkova, Petra; Kus, ZdenekIJFTR Vol.43(1) [March 2018]74-82
Laccase-mediated dye-free coloration of wool fabricJia, Weini; Wang, Qiang; Fan, Xuerong; Dong, Aixue; Yu, Yuanyuan; Wang, Ping; Yuan, JiugangIJFTR Vol.43(2) [June 2018]224-230