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Studies on the physical properties of Dref-III spun yarns by variation of machine parameters with Box and Behnken’s 3×3 modelChaudhuri, Atin; Majumdar, P KIJFTR Vol.39(2) [June 2014]163-171
Direction of doubling and its influence on the tensile properties of ring and open-end doubled yarnsRamakrishnan, N; Padmanabhan, A RIJFTR Vol.14(2) [June 1989]66-70
Studies on the properties of alkali-treated jute-modacrylic flyer-spun yarnsChaudhuri, Atin; Basu, GautamIJFTR Vol.26(3) [September 2001]239-245
A study on some physical properties of modified cotton yarnRajendran, S; Ramasamy, S S; Mishra, S PIJFTR Vol.22(3) [September 1997]154-162
Studies on physical properties of jute-acrylic blended bulked yarnSinha, A K; Basu, GIJFTR Vol.26(3) [September 2001]268-272
Stretch and growth properties of mulberry woven silk fabricsReddy, G Thimma; Kathari, Vijaykumar P; Reddy, Aswatha; Das, SubrataIJFTR Vol.36(3) [September 2011]248-252
Improvement in tensile characteristics of dref-III yarn by enhancing structural integrity through modification in feedBhattacharyya, S; Chatterjee, S M; Mazumder, P KIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]302-308
Needle-Punched Non-Woven Jute Floor Coverings: Part I-Influence of Fibre and Process Variables on Tensile Properties of FabricsSengupta, A K; Sinha, A K; Debnath, C RIJFTR Vol.10(3) [September 1985]91-96
Influence of special finishes on denim propertiesDekanić, T; Pušić, T; Soljačić, IIJFTR Vol.40(2) [June 2015]170-174
Studies on tensile properties of eri/acrylic blended yarnChoudhuri, Prabir Kumar; Majumdar, Prabal Kumar; Sarkar, BijonIJFTR Vol.38(1) [March 2013]66-73