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Fixation of reactive prints on silk by sodium silicate pad-batch technique-Reaction mechanismChavan, R B; Nalankilli, GIJFTR Vol.18(4) [December 1993]197-201
Dyeing of silk using Madhuca longifolia as natural dye sourceSwamy, V Narayana; Gowda, K N Ninge; Sudhakar, RIJFTR Vol.40(4) [December 2015]419-424
Syntheses and dyeing properties of 1, 4-bis{N-[6-(2-arylazo-l-hydroxy-3- sodium sulphonatonaphth-6-ylamino)-2- chloro-s- triazin-6-yl]} phenylenediaminesVashi, H J; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.20(4) [December 1995]218-221
Radial distribution function of natural fibres and synthetic water soluble polymers using X-ray diffractionUrs, G Thejas; Prakash, M B Nanda; Ananda, H T; Somashekar, RIJFTR Vol.41(1) [March 2016]9-12
Dyeing parameters of hydroxynaphthoquinones extracted from Arnebia nobilis Rech.fArora, Anjali; Rastogi, Deepali; Gupta, Deepti; Gulrajani, M LIJFTR Vol.37(1) [March 2012]91-97
Degumming of silk with oxalic acidGulrajani, M L; Chatterjee, AIJFTR Vol.17(1) [March 1992]39-44
Crystal and molecular structure of muga wild silk fibres based on [Ala-Gly]n sequence using LALS techniqueUrs, G Thejas; Ananda, H T; Prakash, M B Nanda; Byrappa, K; Somashekar, RIJFTR Vol.40(2) [June 2015]131-136
Degumming of silk with lipase and proteaseGulrajani, M L; Agarwal, Ritu; Grover, Amrit; Suri, MonaIJFTR Vol.25(1) [March 2000]69-74
Using drape form to establish discriminant models of fabric characteristicsSang-Song, LaiIJFTR Vol.29(2) [June 2004]143-148
Influence of cooking and adjustment treatments on reeling and quality characteristics of raw silkHariraj, G; Somashekar, T HIJFTR Vol.29(2) [June 2004]207-217