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Effect of thickener film structure on dye release during sublimation transfer printing of polyesterChavan, R B; Jain, A KIJFTR Vol.14(1) [March 1989]39-44
Studies on properties of hollow polyester needle-punched fabricsMidha, Vinay Kumar; Alagirusamy, R; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.29(4) [December 2004]391-399
Effect of nano-polysiloxane based finishing on handle properties of jute blended fabricLakshmanan, Ammayappan; Debnath, Sanjoy; Sengupta, SurajitIJFTR Vol.39(4) [December 2014]425-429
Modification of Shellac for Textile Applications: Synthesis and Evaluation of Shellac-Ethyleneglycol-Maleic Anhydride-Phthalic Anhydride Condensate as an Antistatic and Soil Release Finish for Polyester FabricMaity, N C; Kartha, K P R; Srivastava, H CIJFTR Vol.10(2) [June 1985]63-67
Dyeing parameters of hydroxynaphthoquinones extracted from Arnebia nobilis Rech.fArora, Anjali; Rastogi, Deepali; Gupta, Deepti; Gulrajani, M LIJFTR Vol.37(1) [March 2012]91-97
Studies on the properties of dref-spun acrylic yarnsChaudhuri, A; Basu, GIJFTR Vol.23(1) [March 1998]8-12
Syntheses and dyeing characteristics of arylene bisazo 3-aminophenols and their polycondensates with formaldehydePatel, H S; Prajapati, M D; Shah, S NIJFTR Vol.20(2) [June 1995]112-114
An investigation on the physical properties of core yarnsViswarajasekaran, V; Raghunathan, KIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]298-301
Improvement in tensile characteristics of dref-III yarn by enhancing structural integrity through modification in feedBhattacharyya, S; Chatterjee, S M; Mazumder, P KIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]302-308
Liquid transfer properties and drying behavior of plated knitted fabrics with varying fibre typesJhanji, Y; Gupta, D; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.40(2) [June 2015]162-169