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Effect of stimuli-responsive nano hydrogel finishing on cotton fabric propertiesBashari, A; Nejad, N Hemmati; Pourjavadi, AIJFTR Vol.40(4) [December 2015]431-436
Effectiveness of activated carbon produced from coconut and oil palm shells as anti-odour on textile fabricsEza, T S M; Ahmad, W Y Wan; Ahmad, M R; Omar, K; Ahmad, M NIJFTR Vol.39(2) [June 2014]190-195
Effects of silicone-based softener on the easy-care finished cotton fabricTalebpour, F; Holme, IIJFTR Vol.31(3) [September 2006]444-449
Development of durable antibacterial agent from ban-ajwain seed (Thymus serpyllum) for cotton fabricSathianarayanan, M P; Chaudhari, B M; Bhat, N VIJFTR Vol.36(3) [September 2011]234-241
Susceptibility of cationized and aminized cotton fabrics before and after crosslinking towards wet transfer printingHebeish, A; EL-Molla, Mohamed M; EL-Hilw, Z H; EL-Sayad, H SIJFTR Vol.31(2) [June 2006]320-329
Synthesis and dyeing performance of new bifunctional reactive azo dyes derived from 2-chloro-4-[4'-(β-sulphatoethyl)-sulphonyl- 2-methoxyanilino]- 6-(4"-hydroxy-1"-naphthyl)-s-triazineDalal, M M; Rana, B J; Desai, K RIJFTR Vol.22(1) [March 1997]68-71
Effluent treatment in textile processing: Part I—Bleaching of cotton fabricDeo, H T; Chinta, S KIJFTR Vol.25(1) [March 2000]75-81
Catalytic activation of peracetic acid using chitosan-metal complex for low-temperature bleaching of cotton fabricHashem, M; El-Bisi, M; Hebeish, AIJFTR Vol.28(4) [December 2003]444-449
Impact of lycra filament on extension and recovery characteristics of cotton knitted fabricMukhopadhyay, A; Sharma, I C; Mohanty, AIJFTR Vol.28(4) [December 2003]423-430
Utilization of carboxymethyl guaran derivatives in printing cotton fabrics with reactive dyesRagheb, A A; Kamel, M; El-Thalouth, I Abd; Nassar, S HIJFTR Vol.20(2) [June 1995]97-101