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Stress-strain properties of Merino, Chokla and Rambouillet × Chokla wet yarnsParthasarathy, S; Chopra, S K; Bapna, D LIJFTR Vol.14(1) [March 1989]27-30
Relationship between Stress-Strain Parameters and Fibre Characteristics in WoolsParthasarathy, S; Bapna, D L; Patni, P CIJFTR Vol.05(4) [December 1980]138-139
Effect of Fibre Characteristics on Worsted SpinningPokharna, K; Bapna, D L; Patni, P CIJFTR Vol.05(4) [December 1980]131-133
Stress-Strain Characteristics of Canary-Coloured Chokla Wool Fibres in Air and WaterParthasarthy, S; Bapna, D LIJFTR Vol.10(2) [June 1985]84-87
Fibre Fineness of Some Corriedale Crossbred Sheep WoolsPatni, P C; Bapna, D L; Parthasarathy, S; Gupta, V KIJFTR Vol.08(1) [March 1983]25-26
Effect of fibre and constructional parameters on the functional properties of Indian hand-knotted carpetsv, R K; Bapna, D L; Patni, P C; Batra, H SIJFTR Vol.14(2) [June 1989]77-79
Stress-Strain Characteristics of Avikalin Sheep Wool Yarn in Air and Water after DyeingSingh, U S; Parthasarathy, S; Patni, P C; Bapna, D LIJFTR Vol.10(1) [March 1985]10-14
Effect of Chemical Treatment on Dynamic Modulus of Indian and Exotic WoolsChopra, S K; Parthasarathy, S; Bapna, D LIJFTR Vol.13(1) [March 1988]21-22
Comparison of Stress-Strain Characteristics of Indian Wool at Definite Diameter IntervalsParthasarathy, S; Bapna, D LIJFTR Vol.07(4) [December 1982]133-135
Medullation in Some Native Sheep Wools of Different Fibre DiametersSingh, V P; Bapna, D L; Patni, P CIJFTR Vol.09(3) [September 1984]120-121