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Performance of Indian crossbred wool on khadi spinning systemMeena, H C; Shakyawar, D B; Varshney, R K; Kumar, AjayIJFTR Vol.45(1) [March 2020]127-132
Physical and chemical characterization of PLA nanofibres and PLA/ZrO2 mesoporous composites synthesized by air-jet spinningAlbanés-Ojeda, Emmanuel Alejandro; Calderón-Olvera, Roxana Marisol; García-Hipólito, Manuel; Chavarría-Bolaños, Daniel; Vega-Baudrit, Roberto; Álvarez-Perez, Marco Antonio; Alvarez-Fregoso, OctavioIJFTR Vol.45(1) [March 2020]57-64
Crystallite shape, dielectric constant and functional data analysis of various cotton fibres using WAXS dataManju, V V; Divakara, S; Karthik, Divakaran; Somashekar, RIJFTR Vol.45(1) [March 2020]49-56
Fabric comfort by modifying yarn structure: Part II—Low-stress mechanical, thermal and transmission characteristics of fabricsIshtiaque, S M; Mawkhlieng, Unsanhame; Yadav, V KIJFTR Vol.45(1) [March 2020]19-25
Bending rigidity of yarns using beam method on a two-support configurationAlshukur, Malek; Macintyre, LisaIJFTR Vol.45(1) [March 2020]40-48
Effect of elastane-cotton core-spun yarn liveliness on woven modified mock leno fabric propertiesBadbade, P R; Raja, E Deepak; Hegaje, A KIJFTR Vol.45(1) [March 2020]14-18
Effect of some feed filament parameters and weave on compressional properties of air-jet textured yarn fabricsBaldua, R K; Rengasamy, R S; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.45(1) [March 2020]9-13
Effect of UV degradation and dynamic loading on durability of acrylic carpets using multiple regression methodMoezzi, Meysam; Khavari, Soheyla; Ghane, MohammadIJFTR Vol.45(1) [March 2020]26-31
Evaluation of air permeability behaviour of warp knitted spacer fabricsRajan, T Palani; Das, SubrataIJFTR Vol.45(1) [March 2020]32-39
Analysis of impact energy absorption of kevlar and polyester composite impregnated with corn starch shear thickening fluidPeriyasamy, S; Balaji, JIJFTR Vol.45(1) [March 2020]80-89