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Title: Studies on synthesis and plant growth retardant activity of cyclic bis-quaternary salts of ammonia from phthalic acid using conventional and microwave methods
Authors: Bangar, Jyoti
Sharma, M L
Keywords: Bis (oxiran-2-ylmethyl) phthalate
cyclic bis-quaternary salts
plant growth retardants
Oryza sativa
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Phthalic acid <b style="">1</b> has been converted to bis (oxiran-2-ylmethyl) phthalate<b style=""> 2</b> followed by ring opening to di-tertiary amines <i style="">viz</i>: bis (3-[diethylamino)-2-hydroxypropyl] phthalate <b style="">3</b> and bis [2-hydroxy-3-[piperidin-1-yl) propyl] phthalate <b style="">4</b>. Conversion is carried through conventional as well as non-conventional methods (microwave irradiation on solid support). Di-tertiary amines <b style="">3</b> and <b style="">4</b> have been quaternized to give cyclic bis-quaternary ammonium salts <b style="">3a-c</b> and <b style="">4a,b</b> which in turn are tested for their efficacy as plant growth regulators on rice (<i style="">Oryza sativa</i>). All the tested compounds are found to be good plant growth retardants. Compound <b style="">4c</b> is found to be the best plant growth retardant among the six newly synthesized compounds
Description: 1299-1306
Appears in Collections:IJC-B Vol.48B(09) [September 2009]

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