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Artificial neural networks for predicting low temperature performances of modified asphalt mixturesTasdemir, YukselIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]237-244
Mathematical model and rule extraction for tool wear monitoring problem using nature inspired techniquesOmkar, S N; Senthilnath, J; Suresh, SIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]205-210
Preparation and characterization of nickel doped, A and B Site LaCoO3 perovskiteSingh, Chandrakant; Rakesh, MeetaIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]288-290
CFD approach for design optimization and validation for axial flow hydraulic turbinePrasad, Vishnu; Gahlot, V K; Krishnamachar, PIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]229-236
Nanostructured silver-graphite electrical contact materials processed by mechanical millingRehani, Bharati R; Joshi, P B; Kaushik, V KIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]281-287
Bridge truss optimization under moving load using continuous and discrete design variables in optimization methodsToğan, Vedat; Daloğlu, Ayşe TIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]245-258
Discrete singular convolution algorithm for non-linear transient response of circular plates resting on Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundations with different types of dynamic loadingCivaleka, Ömer; Öztürkb, BakiIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]259-268
Use of lime cement stabilized pavement constructionKumar, M Anjan; Raju, G V R PrasadaIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]269-276
Mean flow field measurements in an axisymmetric conical diffuser with and without inlet flow distortionKarunakaran, E; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]211-219
Seismic performance evaluation methodologies for civil engineering structuresJeyasehar, C Antony; Kumar, K Sathish; Muthumani, K; Lakshmanan, NIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]220-228