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substituted-12H-11-oxa-15-aza-17-thia-cyclopenta[a] phenanthrenene and their in vitro evaluation of antibacterial and antifungal activityMalviya, N J; Kulkarni, A M; Jairnini, D; Jadhav, B L; Karnik, A VIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1499-1503
Application of dipolar reagents towards complex heterocyclesPadrnavathi, V; Reddy, K Venugopai; Reddy, B Jagan Mohan; Padmaja, A; Reddy, D BhaskarIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1437-1442
Synthesis and NMR spectral studies of some new 1-heteroaryl-5-amino- 3-alkyl/aryl-4-cyanopyrazolesAggarwal, Ranjana; Kumar, Vinod; Singh, Shiv PIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1426-1430
Synthesis and behaviour of 2-carboxyvinyl-6,8-dibromo-4H-3,1-benzoxazin-4-one towards nitrogen, carbon and sulphur nucleophiles EI-Hashash, M A; Abdel-Rahman, T M; EI-Badry, Y AIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1470-1477
Microwave assisted fast and clean conversion of mesylate to azide: Synthesis of (1S,2R/1R,2S)-1-azido-2-carbocyclic amines as immediate precursors to versatile 1,2-cis-diamines Govindaraju, TIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1492-1498
Synthesis of 1,5-benzothiazepines: Part XXXII - Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of 8-substituted-2,5-dihydro-2-(4-pyridyl)-4-(2-thienyl)-1,5-benzothiazepinesPant, Seema; Chandra, Hem; Sharma, Priyanka; Pant, Umesh CIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1525-1530
Synthesis of 2-(aryl methylene)-(1H)- indane- 1, 3-(2H)-diones as potential fungicidal and bactericidal agents Meena, S; Shankar, D; Ramseshu, K V; Giles, D; Prakash, M S; Venkataraman, SIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1572-1575
Novel synthesis of heteroarylazopyrazolones and their application as disperse dyes via AlCl3-catalyzed diazocoupling of 1-aryl/heteroaryl-3-methyl-1H-pyrazol-2-in- 5-ones in aqueous medium Basaif, Salem A; Hassan, Mohamed A; Gobouri, Adil AIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1431-1436
Identification of pharmacophores for anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity on aryl-(imidazol-1-yl) acetatesSharma, R; Rao, P S Shantanu; Chaturvedi, S CIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1443-1452
Zinc-mediated allylation reactions of aldehydes and ketones in aqueous media under ultrasonic irradiationBian, Yan-Jiang; Fan, Chun-Ran; Hua, Xiao-Hong; Li, Ji-TaiIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1587-1590