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Facile synthesis of spiro-fused heterocyles by multicomponent reactions under solvent-free conditionsDevi, Laishram Ronibala; Singh, Okram MukherjeeIJC-B Vol.51B(09) [September 2012]1426-1429
An investigatory study of antibacterial activity of functionalized spirooxindolesKidwai, Mazaahir; Jain, Arti; Singh, Satendra; Nemaysh, Vishal; Luthra, Pratibha MehtaIJC-B Vol.53B(04) [April 2014]399-411
An efficient synthesis of polyhydroquinolines using basic ionic liquidRaghuvanshi, Dushyant Singh; Singh, Krishna NandIJC-B Vol.52B(09) [September 2013]1218-1223
An efficient -proline catalyzed four-component synthesis of β-acetamido ketones and estersSingh, Neetu; Singh, Satish Kumar; Singh, Krishna NandIJC-B Vol.52B(07) [July 2013]915-921
Multicomponent synthesis of highly functionalized piperidines using sulfamic acid as a heterogeneous and cost effective catalystPatil, Dayanand; Chandam, Dattatray; Mulik, Abhijeet; Patil, Prasad; Jagdale, Suryabala; Deshmukh, MadhukarIJC-B Vol.54B(04) [April 2015]545-550
An efficient and one pot synthesis of polysubstituted imidazoles catalyzed by BiCl3Sharma, R K; Sharma, Chetna; PrernaIJC-B Vol.51B(10) [October 2012]1489-1493
Rapid access of some trisubstituted imidazoles from benzil condensed with aldehydes and ammonium acetate catalyzed by L-cysteine.Roy, H N; Rahman, M M; Pramanick, P KIJC-B Vol.52B(01) [January 2013]153-159
A convenient and green approach for the synthesis of 2H-indazolo[2,1-b]phthalazinetrionesRaghuvanshi, Dushyant Singh; Kumari, Kumkum; Allam, Bharat Kumar; Singh, Krishna NandIJC-B Vol.53B(11) [November 2014]1462-1467
Microwave assisted eco-friendly protocol for one pot synthesis of 2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-ones in waterKumari, Kumkum; Raghuvanshi, D S; Singh, Krishna NandIJC-B Vol.51B(06) [June 2012]860-865
Novel and thermally stable ionic liquid (TBA acetate) for domino reaction: Synthesis of spirooxindoles via new mechanistic wayRiyaz, Sd; Indrasena, A; Naidu, A; Dubey, P KIJC-B Vol.53B(11) [November 2014]1442-1447