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Synthesis of 5-oxo-1-substituted tetrazoles derived from amino acidsNagendra, G; Narendra, N; Sureshbabu, Vommina VIJC-B Vol.51B(03) [March 2012]486-492
Application of 2-(1H-benzotriazol-1-yl)-1,1,3,3-tetramethyluronium tetrafluoroborate (TBTU) for the synthesis of acid azidesNaik, Shankar A; Lalithamba, H S; Sureshbabu, Vommina VIJC-B Vol.50B(01) [January 2011]103-109
Facile one step synthesis of acyl azides and Nα –Fmoc/Boc/Z protected amino acid azides employing benzotriazole-1-yl-oxy-tris-(dimethylamino)-phosphonium hexafluorophosphate (BOP)Vasantha, B; Sureshbabu, Vommina VIJC-B Vol.49B(06) [June 2010]812-817
A facile synthesis of N/C-terminal selenourea tethered glycosylated amino acidsSureshbabu, Vommina V; Vasantha, B; Madhu, CIJC-B Vol.52B(07) [July 2013]895-900
Synthesis of Nα-Z protected amino alkyl triazole acids and their application to neo-glycopeptides synthesisMadhu, Chilakapati; Panguluri, Nageswara Rao; Sureshbabu, Vommina VIJC-B Vol.53B(07) [July 2014]858-864
Efficient and mild synthesis of substituted 2-amino-1,3,4-oxadiazoles mediated by (tosylimino)phenyl-λ3-iodanePrabhu, Girish; Madhu, Chilakapathi; Sureshbabu, Vommina VIJC-B Vol.53B(07) [July 2014]865-870
Synthesis of glycosyl cyanamides from azides: Application for the synthesis of N-hydroxyguanidinoglycosidesPrabhu, Girish; Sureshbabu, Vommina VIJC-B Vol.52B(04) [April 2013]526-534
An efficient concomitant synthesis of O-succinimidyl-(9H-fluoren-9-yl methoxy carbonylamino)peptidyl carbamates and their application in the synthesis of oligo--peptidyl ureasSureshbabu, Vommina V; Chennakrishnareddy, Gundala; Naik, Shankar A; KantharajuIJC-B Vol.49B(01) [January 2010]69-76
Iodine-accelerated synthesis of Nα-urethane protected amino/peptide hydroxamic acids from amino/peptide thioacidsPanguluri, Nageswara Rao; Narendra, N; Sureshbabu, Vommina VIJC-B Vol.53B(11) [November 2014]1430-1435
A straight forward synthesis of cyanoguanidines tethered dipeptidomimeticsBasavaprabhu; Sharanabai, Kupendra M; Prabhu, Girish; Krishnamurthy, M; Sureshbabu, Vommina VIJC-B Vol.55B(09) [September 2016]1131-1135