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First synthesis of (±)-tenuifolene and ar-tenuifoleneSrikrishna, A; Beeraiah, BIJC-B Vol.44B(08) [August 2005]1641-1643
Enantiospecific synthesis of pacifigorgianesSrikrishna, A; Dethe, Dattatraya HIJC-B Vol.51B(02) [February 2012]345-355
Formal total synthesis of 2-pupukeanone via radical mediated cyclisation of an enyneSrikrishna, A; Vijaykumar, D; Sharma, G V RIJC-B Vol.38B(07) [July 1999]766-770
A convenient enantiospecific methodology for (-)-(1R,5S)-1 ,5-dimethylbicyclo[3.3.0]octa-2,7-dione: A formal total synthesis of (-)-ceratopicanolSrikrishna, A; Babu, N Chandrasekhar; Dethe, Dattatraya HIJC-B Vol.42B(07) [July 2003]1688-1690
Enantiospecific total syntheses of (-)-valeranoneSrikrishna, A; Viswajanani, R; Dinesh, CIJC-B Vol.43B(06) [June 2004]1265-1274
Enantiospecific synthesis of (+)-3-valeranone and (+)-valerane†Srikrishna, A; Dinesh, CIJC-B Vol.39B(05) [May 2000]323-325
Two regiospecific alternative strategies in the synthesis of (-)-valeranoneSrikrishna, A; Dinesh, CIJC-B Vol.38B(10) [October 1999]1151-1153
Exploratory studies towards AB-ring system of taxanes via intramolecular alkylation reaction. Formation of bicyclo[2.2.2]octanones in preference to bicyclo[5.3.1]undecanesSrikrishna, A; Reddy, T Jagadeeswara; Kumar, P PraveenIJCB Vol.46B(9) [September 2007]1518-1525
Construction of spiro[4.5]decane via ring-closing metathesis reaction: Formal synthesis of acorone and isoacoronesSrikrishna, A; Rao, M SrinivasaIJCB Vol.47B(9) [Sepetember 2008]1423-1429
Enantiospecific total synthesis of ent-10,11-thapsan-10-olSrikrishna, A; Anebouselvy, KIJC-B Vol.48B(03) [March 2009]413-422