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Synthesis, configurational analysis and antimicrobial activity of imidazolidinone, thiazolidinone and isoxazolone derivatives of 9,10-phenanthrenequinoneArora, Komal; Verma, Sonali; Joshi, Rahul; Pardasani, P; Pardasani, R TIJC-B Vol.50B(01) [January 2011]83-88
Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of some heterocyclic compounds containing ethoxyphthalimide moiety via key intermediate 6-chloro 1,3 benzothiazole 2-amineSain, Devendra Kr; Thadhaney, Bhawana; Joshi, Ajit; Hussain, Nasir; Talesara, Ganpat LIJC-B Vol.49B(06) [June 2010]818-825
Synthesis, characterization and biological screening of some novel tetrahydroquinazoline derivativesDodiya, D K; Vaghasia, S J; Trivedi, A R; Ram, H K; Shah, V HIJC-B Vol.49B(06) [June 2010]802-806
Synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of some theophylline derivativesRathore, Kavita; Vyas, Ritu; Talesara, G LIJC-B Vol.44B(10) [October 2005]2166-2170
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of certain benzimidazole and fused benzimidazole derivativesEisa, Hassan M; Barghash, Alaa-eldin M; Badr, Sahar M; Farahat, Abdelbasset AIJC-B Vol.49B(11) [November 2010]1515-1525
Synthesis, antibacterial and surface activity of 1,2,4-triazole derivativesEl-Sayed, RefatIJC-B Vol.45B(03) [March 2006]738-746
Clean and efficient microwave solvent-free synthesis of some antimicrobial compounds from 2-aminothiadiazinePatel, V M; Desai, K RIJC-B Vol.44B(10) [October 2005]2158-2162
One pot synthesis of 3-acetoacetyl-5-oxo-5H-[1] benzopyrano [3,2-e]pyridin-2-one from triacetic acid lactoneSiddiqui, Zeba N; Khuwaja, Gulrana; Asad, MIJC-B Vol.45B(10) [October 2006]2341-2345
Some electrophilic substitution reactions on 1-substituted-3-acetyl/carbethoxy-5-hydroxy-2-methylindole and the antimicrobial activity of these new indole derivativesDonawade, Dundappa S; Gadaginamath, Guru SIJC-B Vol.44B(08) [August 2005]1679-1685
Synthesis and antimicrobial screening of 3H,11H-9-methyl-3-oxopyrano[2,3-f]cinnolino[3,4-c]pyrrazole and its derivativesChoudhari, Bharati P; Mulwad, Vinata VIJC-B Vol.45B(01) [January 2006]309-313