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Synthesis of new acetylhydroxy flavone derivativesKumar, P E; Prasad, K J RajendraIJC-B Vol.38B(11) [November 1999]1277-1279
A facile synthesis of acetyl-hydroxy-2, 2-dimethylchromans and 2,2-dimethyl-2H-3,4-dihydropyranoflavanones-Dihydro mixtecacin, atalantoflavone dimethyl ether and racemoflavone dimethyl etherKumar, P E; Prasad, K J RajendraIJC-B Vol.38B(05) [May 1999]583-589
Synthesis of 4, 5-dihydro-3-(1'-naphthyl)-2H-pyrazolino[3, 4-a]carbazoles and 3-(1'-naphthyl) isooxazolo[3,4-a]carbazolesVandana, T; Prasad, K J RajendraIJC-B Vol.42B(12) December 2003]3131-3138
Synthesis of new 2-(2'-pyridylidene)-1-oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazoles and 4,5-dihydro-2-(2'-pyridyl)isoxazolo[3,4-a]carbazolesDanish, I Antony; Prasad, K J RajendraIJC-B Vol.43B(03) [March 2004]618-623
Synthesis and antimicrobial activities of nitro substituted indolo[3,2-c]acridinesPrabakaran, K; Yamuna, E; Prasad, K J RajendraIJC-B Vol.50B(07) [July 2011]906-909
Friedel Crafts reaction on [2,3]oxopolymethelene indolesPrasad, K J Rajendra; Balamurali, R; Kavitha, CIJC-B Vol.41B(11) [November 2002]2421-2424
Synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of bromo phenyl substituted carbazolesIndumathi, T; Brant, T; Zeller, M; Prasad, K J RajendraIJC-B Vol.52B(03) [March 2013]405-413
Synthesis of pyrimido annelatedcarbazoles and 2-methyl-6-oxo-bisindolo[1,2-b :5,4-b' ] cyclohexanones using 2-hydroxymethylene-1-oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrocarbazolesSangeetha, V; Prasad, K J RajendraIJC-B Vol.45B(04) [April 2006]1028-1033
Synthesis of some new 1,2,3-selenadiazolo[4',5':5,4]cyclopent[b]indoles and 6,11-dihydro-5-methylquinolino[2',3 ':5,4]cyclopent [b]indolesSangeetha, V; Prasad, K J RajendraIJC-B Vol.43B(10) [October 2004]2231-2234
A facile synthesis and characterization of 2-(3',4'-dihydrocarbazol-1'-yl)-2,3,4,5-tetrahydroindolo[2,3-b]azepanesDanish, I Antony; Prasad, K J RajendraIJC-B Vol.45B(02) [February 2006]512-516