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Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial screening of novel quinoline-thiazole derivativesDesai, N C; Shihory, Niraj; Rajpara, Kiran; Dodiya, AmitIJC-B Vol.51B(03) [March 2012]508-513
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some thiazole and 1,3,4-oxadiazole hybrid heterocyclesDesai, N C; Bhatt, N B; Somani, H C; Bhatt, K AIJC-B Vol.55B(01) [January 2016]94-101
Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of some 3-(2-(1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)phenyl)-2-arylthiazolidin-4-onesDesai, N C; Bhatt, Nayan; Kumar, Mukesh; Makwana, AtulIJC-B Vol.50B(07) [July 2011]941-945
Synthesis of quinoline-pyrazoline based thiazole derivatives endowed with antimicrobial activityDesai, N C; Joshi, Vivek V; Rajpara, Kiran M; Vaghani, Hasit V; Satodiya, Hitesh MIJC-B Vol.52B(09) [September 2013]1191-1201
Microwave assisted synthesis of new coumarin based 3-cyanopyridine scaffolds bearing sulfonamide group having antimicrobial activityDesai, N C; Satodiya, H M; Rajpara, K M; Joshi, V V; Vaghani, H VIJC-B Vol.52B(07) [July 2013]904-914
Synthesis of novel pyrimidine and pyrazole hybrids as potential antimicrobial agentsDesai, N C; Vaghani, H V; Bhatt, K A; Rajpara, K M; Joshi, V VIJC-B Vol.54B(05) [May 2015]643-649
Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial screening of some quinoline based dihydropyridine and 2-oxo-azetidine derivativesDesai, N C; Harsora, J PIJC-B Vol.51B(07) [July 2012]1011-1019
Synthesis and antibacterial activity of some novel 4-oxo-1,3-thiazolidines, 2-oxoazetidines and 5-oxoimidazolines: Part VIDesai, N C; Dave, Dipika; Shah, M D; Vyas, G DIJC-B Vol.39B(04) [April 2000]277-282
Syntheses and QSAR studies of 5-imidazolinone derivatives as potential antibacterial agentsShah, M D; Desai, N C; Awasthi, Keshav K; Saxena, Anil KIJC-B Vol.40B(03) [March 2001]201-208
Synthesis and QSAR studies of 4-oxo-thiazolidines and 2-oxo-azetidines as potential antibacterial agentsDesai, N C; Shah, M D; Bhavsar, A MIJCB Vol.47B(7) [July 2008]1135-1144