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Title: Synthesis, characterization and analytical applications of zirconium (IV) diethanolamine
Authors: Singh, D K
Kumar, Vijay
Keywords: Ion exchanger
Zirconium(IV) dithanolamine
Sorption of metal ions
Separation of Hg<sup>2+ </sup>, Cu<sup>2+</sup><b style=""></b>
Issue Date: May-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: A new chelating ion exchanger, zirconium(IV) diethanolamine has been synthesized, characterized and studied for sorption of eight heavy metal ions at different <i>p</i>H (1-6). Sorption capacity of zirconium (IV)-diethanolamine sample (ZDEA<sub>5</sub>) for Cu<sup>2+</sup> and Hg<sup>2+</sup> was found to be 1.2 and 0.7 mmol g<sup>–1</sup>, respectively. The effect of <i>p</i>H on sorption revealed that capacity generally decreases with decrease in <i>p</i>H and optimum <i>p</i>H for maximum sorption is 6. The distribution coefficients of metal ions on ZDEA<sub>5</sub> as a function of <i>p</i>H have been studied. Separations of Hg<sup>2+</sup> from its mixture with Zn<sup>2+</sup>, Cd<sup>2+</sup>, Ni<sup>2+</sup>, Fe<sup>3+</sup> and Cu<sup>2+</sup> from its mixture with Fe<sup>3+</sup>, Ni<sup>2+</sup> and Zn<sup>2+</sup> have been achieved quantitatively on a mini-column of ZDEA<sub>5</sub>.On the basis of high selectivity and good sorption in acidic aqueous solutions a mini-column of ZDEA<sub>5</sub> has also been tested for recovery of Hg<sup>2+</sup> from dilute solutions.
Description: 254-258
ISSN: 0975-0991 (Online); 0971-457X (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJCT Vol.16(3) [May 2009]

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