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Enhanced photocatalytic Fe3+ reduction with H2O2 generation by TiO2 anatase/rutile blendKarunakaran, C; Vasumathi, D; Vinayagamoorthy, PIJC-A Vol.54A(09) [September 2015]1076-1084
Titania based catalysts for photoreduction of carbon dioxide: Role of modifiersJeyalakshmi, V; Mahalakshmy, R; Krishnamurthy, K R; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.51A(09-10) [September-October 2012]1263-1283
Aminosilicate sol-gel embedded core-shell (TiO2-Au)nps nanomaterials modified electrode for the electrochemical detection of nitric oxidePandikumar, Alagarsamy; Ramaraj, RamasamyIJC-A Vol.50A(09-10) [September-October 2011]1388-1393
Characterization and reactivity of TiO2 supported nano ruthenium catalysts for vapour phase hydrogenolysis of glycerol Kumar, Vanama Pavan; Harikrishna, Yengaldas; Nagaraju, Nekkala; Chary, Komandur V RIJC-A Vol.53A(04-05) [April-May 2014]516-523
In2O3/TiO2 nano photocatalysts for solar hydrogen production from methanol:water mixturesLalitha, K; Kumari, V Durga; Subrahmanyam, MIJC-A Vol.53A(04-05) [April-May 2014]472-477
Gold nanoparticles supported on titania for the reduction of p-nitrophenolYazid, Hanani; Adnan, Rohana; Farrukh, Muhammad AkhyarIJC-A Vol.52A(02) [February 2013]184-191
Utilization of carbon dioxide in oxidative dehydrogenation reactionsRaju, G; Reddy, Benjaram M; Park, Sang-EonIJC-A Vol.51A(09-10) [September-October 2012]1315-1324
CuO, K2O and V2O5 supported on ceria-titania: Synthesis, characterization and application for diesel soot combustionRaj, K Joseph Antony; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.49A(04) [April 2010]401-406
A new electrochemical sensor based on W-doped titania-CNTs composite for detection of pentachlorophenolZhang, W Q; Zhu, G B; Ma, J Y; Zhang, X H; Chen, J HIJC-A Vol.50A(01) [January 2011]15-21
Characterization and photocatalytic activity of SiO2-TiO2 mixed oxide nanoparticles prepared by sol-gel methodMahyar, Ali; Behnajady, Mohammad Ali; Modirshahla, NaserIJC-A Vol.49A(12) [December 2010]1593-1600