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A two-component co-crystal of Cu(II) complex of p-tolyl-terpyridineBhattacharya, DibyenduIJC-A Vol.54A(01) [January 2015]35-39
Design and construction of ion-selective electrode based on a new Schiff base and its application in determination of copper(II) ionsValilue, Z; Vardin, M T; Kalhor, E GhorbaniIJC-A Vol.55A(01) [January 2016]51-56
Cu-ZSM-5 catalyzed low-temperature hydrogen peroxide-induced methane- to-methanol conversionZhang, Y; Allard, L F; Li, Z; Kidder, M; Narula, C KIJC-A Vol.56A(05) [May 2017]488-492
Electrochemistry of binary and mixed-ligand copper(II) complexes with pyrazine and dicyanamide bridging ligands in aqueous mediumPrakash, Ved; Srivastava, Krishna; Prasad, JagdishIJC-A Vol.56A(06) [June 2017]585-591
Synthesis, spectroscopic properties and theoretical calculations on methylene bridged 1,8-naphthyridine ligands and copper(I) complex through a non-catalyst C(sp3)–H methylenationGou, Gao-Zhang; Zhou, Bo; Chen, Xue-Bing; Wang, Xue-Quan; Mang, Chao-Yong; Liu, Wei; Chi, Shao-MingIJC-A Vol.56A(02) [February 2017]211-219
Simultaneous determination of lead and copper by anodic stripping voltammetry using a poly(L-glutamic acid) modified electrodeXie, Ning; Ma, Wei; Gao, Hui; Sun, DengmingIJC-A Vol.56A(02) [February 2017]238-242
Synthesis and crystal structures of pyridine- 2-carboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazone, its mononuclear and cytotoxic Cu(II) and polynuclear Pb(II) complexes: Effect of size of metal ion on nucleation of the complexesGhosh, Ayon Kanti; Yadav, Hare Ram; Choudhury, Angshuman Roy; Duraipandian, N; Kiran, Manikantan Symala; Ghosh, RajarshiIJC-A Vol.56A(06) [June 2017]616-620
Hydrogen bonded supramolecular architecture of a copper(II)-citrate coordination building block: Synthesis and crystal structure with theoretical insightSarkar, Sougata; Deb, Dibakar; Sarkar, Avijit; Chattopadhyay, Shouvik; Dutta, Bipan; Khanra, SoumenIJC-A Vol.57A(04) [April 2018]469-476
Highly selective colorimetric schiff base chemosensor for detection of Cu2+Liu, Dan; Zhu, Hua; Yang, LiIJC-A Vol.57A(04) [April 2018]490-494
Synthesis, crystal structure and DFT calculations of copper(I) complex of 2-nitrobenzaldehyde-N1- methylthiosemicarbazoneSharma, Dharmender; Maji, Suman; Gupta, Vivek; Sharma, RekhaIJCA Vol.57A(08-09) [August-September 2018]1138-1143