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Multicomponent synthesis of propargylamines in the presence of magnetic nanocatalystEmadi, H; Kharat, A NematiIJC-A Vol.58A(08) [August 2019]880-885
A novel electrochemical sensor based on Co3O4-CeO2-ZnO multi metal oxide nanocomposite for simultaneous detection of nanomolar Pb2+ and Hg2+ in different kind of spicesDavoudi, Shahnaz; Givianrad, Mohammad Hadi; Saber-Tehrani, Mohammad; Azar, Parviz AberoomandIJC-A Vol.58A(10) [October 2019]1075-1084
Synthesis, structural characterization and biological aspects of divalent transition metal complexes derived from 2, 5 diacetry furan and 2-thia-6-aza-bicyclo [4.2.0]oct-4-en-7-one based Schiff baseKumar, GajendraIJC-A Vol.58A(10) [October 2019]1085-1097
Preparation of sustained-release hydrogel for controlling dye release by liquid marblesHan, Shuai; Wang, Caixia; He, Yongjun; Liang, Yaodong; Feng, LinIJC-A Vol.58A(10) [October 2019]1098-1102
Volumetric properties of binary mixtures of cyclohexane with 2-ethoxyethanol at 303.15, 308.15, 313.15 and 318.15 KDurgabhavani, M; Kavitha, Ch; Narendra, K; Srilakshmi, M; Ratnakar, AIJC-A Vol.58A(11) [November 2019]1206-1210
Optimization of manganese determination by voltammetry in presence of chromium and nickelBarmera, Sonal; Sharma, PradeepIJC-A Vol.58A(11) [November 2019]1211-1213
Volumetric, acoustical and computational study on molecular interactions in binary mixtures of Ricinoleic acid with some halobenzenesSharma, Sangita; Swami, Ashishkumar; Patel, ParasIJC-A Vol.58A(11) [November 2019]1194-1205
A novel FRET probe for determination of fluorescein sodium in aqueous solution: Analytical application for ophthalmic samplePatil, Dhanshri V; Patil, Vishal SIJC-A Vol.58A(11) [November 2019]1187-1193