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Catalytic conversion of microcrystalline cellulose to nanocellulose using iron oxide catalystsSuppiah, Durga Devi; Johan, Mohd RafieIJC-A Vol.58A(02) [February 2019]265-270
Study of Kirkwood-Buff integrals of selected polar and nonpolar amino acids in aqueous-streptomycin sulphate solutions at 298.15 KBisht, Y; Nain, A KIJC-A Vol.58A(02) [February 2019]281-287
Electrospun nano silver embedded polystyrene composite nanofiber as a possible water disinfectantPatel, Nirmal N; Shekh, Mehdihasan I; Patel, Kaushal P; Patel, Rajnikant MIJC-A Vol.58A(02) [February 2019]288-293
Studies on palladium based bimetallic catalysts Pd-M/TiO2   (M = Cu, Ag & Au): I-Selective hydrogenation of 1-heptyneSaranya, A; Vivekanandan, G; Thirunavukkarasu, K; Krishnamurthy, K R; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.58A(02) [February 2019]271-280
Investigation of structure-property correlation in 2,2′-dipyridyl diselenide based derivativesPhadnis, Prasad P; Nigam, Sandeep; Mishra, Ratikanta; Wadawale, Amey; Kumar, Mukesh; Kunwar, Amit; Majumder, Chiranjib; Priyadarsini, K I; Jain, Vimal KIJC-A Vol.58A(01) [January 2019]18-28
A fluorescent zinc(II)-based layered complex for selective sensing of Cr2O72– and Fe3+ ions in water systemZhang, De-Yu; He, Hongming; Zhang, Yu; Wang, Xiu-Guang; Zhao, Xiao-Jun; Yang, En-CuiIJC-A Vol.58A(01) [January 2019]9-17
A new water-soluble Rh(III)-salophen complex as efficient catalyst for alcohol oxidation in aqueous mediumBanik, Biplab; Sarmah, Podma Pollav; Dutta, Abhijit; Mondal, Paritosh; Das, PankajIJC-A Vol.58A(01) [January 2019]29-35
Effect of mesoporous ruthenium catalysts for hydrogenation of phenol in vapour phase reactorKayalvizhi, Jeevanandham; Pandurangan, ArumugamIJC-A Vol.58A(01) [January 2019]36-44
Ultrasonically promoted synthesis of N-benzylmorpholine under polymer-supported phase-transfer catalysis – a kinetic studySathiyaraj, Manickam; Venkatesh, Perumal; Rajendran, Venugopal; Mohammadiliyas, Mohammadbilal; Selvaraj, VarathanIJC-A Vol.58A(01) [January 2019]45-52
Mixed Adduct Formation : A Spectrophotometric StudyBhatki, Kashinath S.; Rane, Arvind T.IJC-A Vol.20A(04) [April 1981]424-426