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Gas phase reactions of La+ with acetone: A density functional theory investigationChen, Gui-hua; Liang, DanxiaIJC-A Vol.51A(05) [May 2012]669-675
Single-step synthesis and structural study of phosphate modified titania through seeding methodRaj, K Joseph Antony; Elangovan, T; Viswanathan, BIJC-A Vol.51A(05) [May 2012]676-680
Study of sulphonic acid functionalization of Vulcan XC-72 carbon black support of Pt/Vulcan XC-72 catalyst for methanol electrooxidationChandravathanam, Sundar; Kavitha, B; Viswanathan, Balasubramanian; Thangam, Y YesuIJC-A Vol.51A(05) [May 2012]704-707
In situ bismuth film modified carbon fiber microelectrode for nanomolar detection of cadmium and leadAnandhakumar, S; Mathiyarasu, J; Phani, K L NIJC-A Vol.51A(05) [May 2012]699-703
Model chemistries of hydrazides. III: SEMO computations of isonicotinic acid hydrazide, its valence isomers and their isopropyl derivativesKrishna, K Rama; Rao, Ch V Kameswara; Ramam, V Ananta; Rao, R Sambasiva; Rao, M Venkata SubbaIJC-A Vol.51A(04) [April 2012]571-579
Spectrofluorimetric study on inclusion interaction of β-cyclodextrin with duloxetine and its analytical applicationMisiuk, WieslawaIJC-A Vol.51A(12) [December 2012]1706-1710
Two step one-electron transfer reaction of chromium(III) complex containing carbidopa and inosine with N-bromosuccinimideAbdel-Khalek, Ahmed A; Abdel-Hafeez, Mahmoud MIJC-A Vol.51A(08) [August 2012]1073-1079
Electrical conductivity of cuprous bromide in the temperature range of 30-490 °C Singh, Kaman; Yadav, B C; Singh, Vimalesh KumarIJC-A Vol.51A(08) [August 2012]1090-1094
Soft synthesis of a metal-organic framework based on a tribarium building blockSrinivasan, Bikshandarkoil R; Shetgaonkar, Santosh Y; Raghavaiah, PallepoguIJC-A Vol.51A(08) [August 2012]1064-1072
Synthesis of Ti–β zeolite membrane over porous α–alumina tubular supportSasidharan, Manickam; Bhaumik, AsimIJC-A Vol.51A(08) [August 2012]1080-1084