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Synthesis, characterization and reactions of some titanium aryloxidesGupta, R; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.29A(06) [June 1990]596-598
Preparation & Characterization of Some New Titanium (IV) Alkyl AcetopyruvatesPardasani, (Mrs) P; Singh, A; Rai, A K; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.27A(04) [April 1988]353-354
Synthesis, reactions, spectral and magnetic properties of bis(hexaalkoxyniobates/tantalates) of iron(II)Shah, A; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.28A(05) [May 1989]392-395
Triorganoge anium(IV) derivatives of monothio-β-diketonesMehrotra, R C; Saini, S K; Gupta, V DIJC-A Vol.28A(08) [August 1989]715-716
Adducts of monobenzoylacetonatochromium(III) dichloride with oxygen and nitrogen donor ligandsMahendra, K N; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.28A(12) [December 1989]1103-1104
Heterocyclic Ditertiary Amine Adducts of Nickel(II) O,O-AlkylenedithiophosphatesBhasin, C P; Srivastava, G; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.26A(10) [October 1987]834-837
Preparation & Characterization of Triphenylarsenic(V) Dioximates & DibenzamidoximateJain, V K; Bohra, R; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.25A(08) [August 1986]768-770
Alkylenedithiophosphates of Indium(III)Ahmad, Rafi; Srivastava, G; Mehrotra, R C; Saraswat, B SIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]557-561
Some New Tetra-coordinated Complexes of BoronKothiwal, A S; Singh, A; Rai, A K; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.24A(10) [October 1985]828-830
Synthesis & Structural Studies of Two (3-Carbalkoxyphosphonium Ylides & Their Hg(II) & Pd(II) Chloride ComplexesSanehi, R; Bansal, R K; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.24A(12) [December 1985]1031-1034