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Halide alkoxides of yttrium, gadolinium, erbium and ytterbiumMehrotra, R C; Batwara, J M; Tripathi, U D; Tripathi, U MIJC-A Vol.30A(09) [September 1991]793-798
Synthetic, spectroscopic (IR, UV) and magnetic studies of some novel bi- and tri-metallic alkoxides of Ni(II)Garg, (Mrs) G; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.30A(10) [October 1991]866-871
Reactions of M{Al(OPri)4}2 and ClM{Al(OPri)4}[M=Zn(II) and Cd(II)] with methoxyethanolSogani, S; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.32A(04) [April 1993]345-350
Synthesis and characterization of some novel hetero(bi-, and tri-) metallic (sterically hindered) alkoxides of iron(III)Gupta, R; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.32A(04) [April 1993]310-313
Synthesis and characterization of alkoxo and chloro- aryloxo derivatives of titanium and zirconiumShah, A; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.32A(07) [July 1993]632-635
Bimetallic Alkoxides of Cadmium (II) & Aluminium (III)Aggrawal, M; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.26A(07) [July 1987]577-580
Synthesis and Characterization of chloro-acetylacetonato-, and alkoxo-nonaisopro-poxodizirconatoiron (III) derivativesShah, A; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.31A(11) [November 1992]886-888
Preparation & Characterisation of Some New Bisphosphonium Ylides & Their Palladium(II) & Mercury(II) ComplexesSanehi, Ram; Bansal, R K; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.24A(05) [May 1985]398-402
Synthetic, spectroscopic and magnetic studies of mixed ligand bimetallic alkoxides of cobalt and aluminiumGarg, (Mrs) Geeta; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.29A(09) [September 1990]881-884
New chloro, alkoxo & allied bimetallic derivatives of copper(II) & aluminium (III)Chhipa, R C; Singh, A; Mehrotra, R CIJC-A Vol.28A(05) [May 1989]396-399