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Correlation of line graph parameters with physicochemical properties of octane isomersKuanar, Minati; Kuanar, Saroj K; Mishra, Bijay K; Gutman, IvanIJC-A Vol.38A(06) [June 1999]525-528
On the use of iterated line graphs in quantitative structure-property studiesGutman, Ivan; Tomvic, Zelico; Mishra, Bijay K; Kuanar, MinatiIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]4-11
Relations between topological indices of large chemical treesGutman, Ivan; Vidovic, Dusica; Furtula, Boris; Vesel, AleksanderIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1241-1245
Equalized electronegativity and topological indices: Application for modelling toxicity of nitrobenzene derivativesKhadikar, Padmakar V; Lukovits, Istvan; Agrawal, Vijay K; Shrivastava, Shachi; Jaiswal, Mona; Gutman, Ivan; Karmarkar, Sneha; Shrivastava, AnjaliIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1436-1441
Equiseparable molecules and molecular graphsGutman, Ivan; Furtula, Boris; Vukicevic, Darnir; Arsic, BiljanaIJC-A Vol.43A(01) [January 2004]7-10
On -electron excess of rings of benzenoid moleculesGutman, Ivan; Vodopivec, Andrej; Radenkovic, Slavko; Furtula, BorisIJC-A Vol.45A(02) [February 2006]347-351
Chemical applications of the Laplacian spectrum. VII. Studies of the Wiener and Kirchhoff indicesGutman, Ivan; Vidovic, Dusica; Furtula, BorisIJC-A Vol.42A(06) [June 2003]1272-1278
On distribution of π-electrons in rhombus-shaped benzenoid hydrocarbonsGutman, Ivan; Turkovic, Nedzad; Furtula, BorisIJC-A Vol.45A(07) [July 2006]1601-1604
Assessing the distribution of π- electrons into rings of phenylenesFurtula, Boris; Gutman, IvanIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]1977-1980
Dioxo derivatives of benzenoid hydrocarbons: Part IV - Dioxo-bisanthrenesGutman, Ivan; Markovic, ZoranIJC-A Vol.38A(05) [May 1999]407-410