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Title: Effects of genotype and culture medium on <i style="">in vitro</i> androgenesis in soybean (<i style="">Glycine</i> <i style="">max</i> Merr.)
Authors: Tiwari, Sharad
Shanker, Prem
Tripathi, Manoj
Keywords: Glycine max
anther culture
in vitro
genotype x medium interactions
haploid plants
Issue Date: Jul-2004
Publisher: CSIR
Series/Report no.: Int. Cl.<sup>7</sup> A 01 H 4/00, 5/00
Abstract: Anthers of ten genotypes of <i style="">Glycine max</i> were cultured on four fortified B<sub>5</sub> media supplemented with different levels of growth hormones, viz. B<sub>5</sub> DBIG (2.0 mg l<sup>-1</sup> 2,4-D+0.5 mg l<sup>-1</sup> IBA+100.0 mg l<sup>-1</sup> <i style="">myo</i>-Inositol+360.0 mg l<sup>-1</sup> L-glutamine), B<sub>5</sub> DB (2.0 mg l<sup>-1</sup> 2,4-D+0.5 mg l<sup>-1</sup> BA), B<sub>5</sub>DK (2.0 mg l<sup>-1</sup> 2,4-D+0.5 mg l<sup>-1</sup> Kinetin) and B<sub>5</sub>BKN (0.5 mg l<sup>-1</sup> BA+0.5 mg l<sup>-1</sup> Kinetin+1.0 mg l<sup>-1</sup> NAA). All the media were supplemented with 90.0 g l<sup>-1</sup> sucrose and 7.0 g l<sup>-1</sup> agar. Significant differences in the response of genotypes, culture medium and genotype x medium interactions were observed for callus initiation, formation of morphogenic calli and plantlet regeneration. Genotype JS 90-41was found superior for <i style="">in vitro</i> androgenesis. Culture medium B<sub>5</sub>DBIG exhibited higher response for androgenic callus formation and haploid plant regeneration.
Description: 441-444
ISSN: 0975-0967 (Online); 0972-5849 (Print)
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