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Tailoring Proteins to Fight Against Anthrax-SD Vol. 2(4) [Apr-Jun 2019]32
Forthcoming Events-SD Vol. 3(2) [Oct-Dec 2019]10
MoUs Signed-SD Vol. 3(2) [Oct-Dec 2019]6-8
Call for Proposals-SD Vol. 3(2) [Oct-Dec 2019]10
Announcements-SD Vol. 3(2) [Oct-Dec 2019]8
Publications-SD Vol. 3(2) [Oct-Dec 2019]9
PCE- based Biosensor: Detecting Diabetes at an Early Stage-SD Vol. 2(3) [Jan-Mar 2019]26
India-Poland Ink Pact for Clean Coal Technologies-SD Vol. 2(3) [Jan-Mar 2019]25
Roundtable on “Communicating Science for Diplomacy”-SD Vol. 2(3) [Jan-Mar 2019]28
A Novel Biodegradable Film Derived from Dual Modified Lotus Rhizome Starch-SD Vol. 2(3) [Jan-Mar 2019]26