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Title: Analysis of genetic relatedness in <i style="">Gossypium </i>species using RAPD
Authors: Gomes, M
Kulothungan, G
Mehetre, S S
Eapen, S
Keywords: RAPD markers
<i style="">Gossypium</i> species
genetic diversity
Issue Date: Jan-2004
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: RAPD markers were employed to assess genetic relatedness in seven <i style="">Gossypium s</i>pecies, which included <i style="">G. hirsutum</i> CMS lines and cultivars, <i style="">G. arboreum</i> GMS lines, cultivars, and wild species, <i style="">G. raimondii</i>, <i style="">G. bickii</i>, <i style="">G. thurberii</i>, <i style="">G. captis-viridis</i> and <i style="">G. anomalum, </i>Out of 45 RAPD primers tested, 24 oligonucleotide primers yielded monomorphic amplified products or did not show any amplification product in some of the genotypes. The remaining 21 primers amplified a total of 168 fragments with an average of 9.8 fragments per primer. Out of the 11 genotypes studied, <i style="">G. arboreum</i> (G 27) produced the maximum number of DNA amplified fragments and <i style="">G. raimondii</i> produced the lowest number. On the basis of similarity coefficients cluster analysis was performed using UPGMA method. Cluster analysis resulted in 4 main cluster groups. Cluster one contained two subclusters IA and IB. Subcluster IA consisted of <i style="">G. hirsutum</i> lines, which represent AD genome. Subcluster IB contained <i style="">G. arboreum</i> genotypes with A genome. Cluster II consisted of <i style="">G. raimondii</i>, <i style="">G. thurberii</i>, which belong to the D genome. Cluster III consisted of only <i style="">G. bickii</i> representing the C genome and cluster 4 consisted of <i style="">G. anomalum</i> and <i style="">G. captis-viridis</i> representing the B genome. The clustering pattern obtained using RAPD analysis in the present study is in conformity with available information based on cytogenetic relationship.
Description: 41-46
ISSN: 0975-0967 (Online); 0972-5849 (Print)
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