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Title: Synthesis, DFT calculations, NBO analysis and docking studies of 3-(2-arylamino-4-aminothiazol-5-oyl)pyridine derivatives
Authors: Rani, S Mahil
Matilda, J Jani
Reji, T F Abbs Fen
Keywords: HOMO;LUMO;DFT;docking;pyridine
Issue Date: Jul-2021
Publisher: NIScPR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Electronic structure of 3-(2-arylamino-4-aminothiazol-5-oyl)pyridine derivatives are investigated theoretically using B3LYB/6-31G (d,p) method. The energy gap between HOMO-LUMO and several thermodynamic properties in the ground state are calculated by means of B3LYP hybrid density functional theory (DFT) method together with 6-31G basis sets. A series of pyridinyl thiazoles were synthesized and characterized. The molecular docking studies were done using PyRx virtual screening tool in the active site of Hepg-2 (PDB code 4mmh) to study the hydrogen bonding interaction of these analogs. ADME properties and the hydrophobicity are found to be critical for activity. It is observed that all the synthesized compounds can be used orally as good drug candidates and the docking scores are comparable to the standard compounds. The compound C3 is found to have the highest activity against the cancer (PDB code: 4mmh) protein.
Page(s): 999-1006
ISSN: 0975-0983(Online); 0376-4699(Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-B Vol.60B(07) [July 2021]

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