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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2004Biotechnological interventions for genetic amelioration of <i>Actinidia deliciosa </i>var. <i>deliciosa </i>(kiwifruit) plantSharma, D R; Shirkot, Poonam
Apr-2004Tobacco <i>(Nicotiana tabacum </i>L.)-A model system for tissue culture interventions and genetic engineeringGanapathi, T R; Suprasanna, P; Rao, P S; Bapat, V A
Apr-2004Induced nucellar embryogenesis <i style="">in vitro</i> for clonal multiplication of <i style="">Mangifera indica </i>L. var. Ambalavi: A dwarfing rootstockChaturvedi, H C; Agnihotri, S; Sharma, M; Sharma, A K; Jain, M; Gupta, P; Chourasia, A; Kidwai, N R
Apr-2004Polyamine-ethylene nexus: A potential target for post-harvest biotechnologyKumar, S Vinod; Rajam, M V
Apr-2004<i style="">In vitro </i>germplasm preservation through regenerative excised root culture for conservation of phytodiversity<i style=""></i>Chaturvedi, H C; Sharma, M; Sharma, A K; Jain, M; Agha, B Q; Gupta, P
Apr-2004Introgression of osmotin gene for creation of resistance against <i style="">Alternaira </i>blight by perturbation of cell cycle machineryTaj, Gohar; Kumar, Anil; Bansal, K C; Garg, G K
Apr-2004Transgenic plants as bioreactorsSharma, Arun K; Jani, Dewal; Raghunath, C; Tyagi, Akhilesh K
Apr-2004<i style="">In vivo </i>and <i style="">in vitro </i>antimicrobial efficacy of <i style="">Mimosa hamata</i>Jain, S C; Jain, R; Vlietinck, A J
Apr-2004Development of resin canals during somatic embryogenesis in callus cultures of <i style="">Commiphora wightii</i>Kumar, Sandeep; Sonie, K C; Ramawat, K G
Apr-2004<i style="">In vitro</i> cloning of ornamental species of <i style="">Dianthus</i>Pareek, Aparna; Kantia, Archana; Kothari, S L
Apr-2004<i style="">In vitro</i> cloning of <i style="">Cajanus cajan</i> var. Bahar through prolific shoot bud differentiation in leaf segments and production of fertile plantsJain, M; Chaturvedi, H C
Apr-2004Embryogenesis and plant regeneration from mesocarp of <i style="">Psidium guajava </i>L.<i style=""> </i>(guava)Chandra, R; Bajpai, A; Gupta, Soni; Tiwari, R K
Apr-2004Cloning of adult trrees of Jamun (<i style="">Syzygium cuminii</i>)Rathore, Vinod; Shekhawat, N S; Singh, R P; Rathore, J S; Dagla, H R
Apr-2004<i style="">In vitro </i>cloning<i style=""> </i>of female and male <i style="">Carica papaya </i>through tips of shoots and inflorescencesAgnihotri, S; Singh, S K; Jain, M; Sharma, M; Sharma, A K; Chaturvedi, H C
Apr-2004An improved method of proliferation of proembryogenic calli of <i style="">Mangifera</i> <i style="">indica</i> L. var. Amrapali for scale-up of somatic embryo productionAra, Hussain; Jaiswal, Uma; Jaiswal, V S
Apr-2004Micropropagation of an adult tree-<i style="">Wrightia tinctoria</i>Purohit, S D; Kukda, G
Apr-2004Studies on <i style="">in vitro</i> propagation of Himalayan cedar (<i style="">Cedrus deodara</i>) using zygotic embryos and stem segmentsTamta, Sushma; Palni, L M S
Apr-2004Production of cloned trees of <i style="">Populus deltoides</i> through <i style="">in vitro</i> regeneration<i style=""> </i>of shoots from leaf, stem and root explants and their field cultivationChaturvedi, H C; Sharma, A K; Agha, B Q; Jain, M; Sharma, M
Apr-2004Isolated microspore culture of <i style="">Brassica</i>: An experimental tool for developmental studies and crop improvementBabbar, Shashi B; Agarwal, Pradeep K; Sahay, Shalini; Bhojwani, Sant S
Apr-2004Micropropagation for quality propagule production in plantation forestryYasodha, R; Sumathi, R; Gurumurthi, K
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20