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Title: Vegetable
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Nat Prod Rad, Vol.7(6), Nov-Dec 2008, 559 Ibrahim Hoda Salama, Ahmed Lamiaa Ali and El-din Maha Mohamed Essam, The functional Role of Some Tomato Products on Lipid Profile and Liver Function in Adult Rats, J Med Food, 2008, 11(3), 551-559

Nat Prod Rad
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Nat Prod Rad, Vol.7(6), Nov-Dec 2008, 562 Lakshmi Prasuna CP, Chakradhar RPS, Rao JL and Gopal NO, EPR as an analytical tool in assessing the mineral nutrients and irradiated food products–vegetables, Spectrochim Acta part A: Mol Biomol Spectrosc, 2008, 71 (3), 809-813
Page(s): 559-562
ISSN: 0975-1092 (Online); 0972-592X (Print)
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