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Chemical-enzymatic synthesis of ligands of E-selectinSingh, KamaljitIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]845-859
Synthesis of novel tetraoxygenated homoisoflavanonesJain, Subhash C; Kumar, Ravindra; Sharma, Sanjay K; Bharadvaja, Aparna; Kumar, RohtashIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]860-863
Rearrangement of Parthenin and its derivatives using H2SO4-Ac2ODhillon, R S; Kaur, Navdeep; Kaushal, RIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]864-871
Synthetic and mass spectral fragmentation studies on trisubstituted 2H-pyran- 2-ones and comparative EIMS behaviour of biologically active 3,5- disubstituted pyrazoles and isoxazolesParmar, Virinder S; Jain, Subhash C; Jha, Amitabh; Kumar, Naresh; Kumar, Ajay; Vats, Archana; Jha, Hriday N; Mukherjee, Shubhasish; Singh, Sanjay K; Jennings, Keith R; Summerfield, Scott G; Errington, William; Olsen, Carl EIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]872-879
Reactions with hydrazonoyl halides: Part XVIII-Synthesis of pyrrolidino[3,4-c] pyrazole, pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyridazine, imidazo-[1,2-a ]pyridine, pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine and other heterocyclic derivativesEmam, Hussein A; Abdelhamid, Abdou OIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]880-885
Agricultural polymers for controlled release of herbicide based on nitrogen-phosphorous polymersKenawy, EI-RefaleIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]886-889
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of D-mannosamine by sodium N-chloro-p-toluenesulphonamide in alkaline mediumRangappa, K S; Mahadevappa, D S; Raghavendra, M PIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]890-896
Novel flavone and chalcone glycosides from clerodendron phlomidis (verbenaceae)Anam, Edet MIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]897-900
Novel triterpenoid glycosides and triterpenoid acid from the root extract of Acanthus montanus (Acanthaceae)Anam, Edet M.IJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]901-904
A short and efficient route to novel trishomocubanonesSingh, Vishwakanna; Jagadish, BIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]905-906
Enantioselective synthesis of 4-(1,4-dimethoxy-2-naphthyl) butane-1,3R-diol, an intermediate for the synthesis of 9-deoxynanaomycin A†Mohan, H Rama; Rao, A SIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]907-909
LAH induced stereoselective dehalogenation of vicinal-dihalides via single electron transferKhurana, Jitender M; Puri, Amita (nee Gogia)IJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]910-913
A novel synthesis of (±)-8-hydroxy-5-isopropylnonan-2-oneArora, Ajay K; Singh, Jaswinder; Chaudhary, Sangeeta; Singh, Vasundhara; Kad, G LIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]914-915
A new route to the synthesis of diarylmethanes by oxidation of 2,3-dimethylphenol with [Fe(DMF)3C12][FeC14]Khan, Nizam Ud-Din; Manchanda, Veena; Parveen, NazneenIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]916-917
Synthesis of 4-substituted-benzo[h]tetrazolo[1,5-a]-6,7-dihydroquinolinesKonwar, D; Boruah, R CIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]918-919
Synthesis of some new 2-(pyrazol-l-yl)-4-(pyrimidin-5-yl)thiazolesAhluwalia, V K; Sharma, Pooja; Goyal, Bindu; Aggarwal, RenuIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]920-922
Cyclohexanone dicarboxylates as precursors for selenadiazoles and thiadiazoles-Part IVReddy, D Bhaskar; Reddy, M V Ramana; Padmavathi, VIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]923-926
Synthesis of genkwaninHossain, M AmzadIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]927-928
Synthesis of xanthons: Part 11-Synthesis of 4-methyl-pyrano[2,3-b]xanthoneSoman, Shubhangi SIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]929-930
a-[Bis(methylthio)methylene]-γ-phenyl-β,γ-butenolide: A useful synthonRoy, JalpanaIJC-B Vol.36B(10) [October 1997]931-933
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 28