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Normal phase and sequential thin layer chromatographic resolution of 3-aminophenyl- 5-methyl-4-(4' -sulphonamoyl)-phenylazoisoxazolesSharma, Pratibha; Bhattacharya, Sapna; Narad, Sandeep R; Kapoor, NeetaIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]284-287
Reversal of facial selectivity in the kinetic resolution of olefin via asymmetric dihydroxylation (AD) reaction: Synthesis of optically active (–)-miiltlactone and (+)-isomintlactone by AD reaction from intrinsically disfavoured diastereoface of alkeneLohray, Braj B; Nandanan, E; Bhushan, VidyaIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]226-231
Demonstration of a stabilized pyramidal nitrogen (sp3) in an acyclic system by 1HNMR spectroscopy: A strong repulsive interaction between the lone electron pair and a phenyl ringSrivastava, Alaka; Srivastava, Vandana; Verma, Shiva MIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]236-241
Solvent and salt dependent 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition : Synthesis of isoxazolidino and isoxazolino-carbocyclesBar, Narayan C; Roy, Atanu; Patra, Ranjan; Achari, Basudeb; Mandal, Sukhendu BIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]275-277
Enantioselective epoxidation of 2,2-Dialkyl-2H-chromenes with Oxone and Jacobsen's (S,S)-Mn(III)(Ph-salen)CI complex : Solvent effectGurjar, M K; Sarma, BVNBS; Rao, A V RamaIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]213-215
The chemistry and action of 6-alkylsalicylates of Indian Ginkgo bilobaGhosal, S; Sundaram, R; Muruganandam, A V; Singh, S K; Satyan, K S; Bhattacharya, S K; Saravanan, V; Mishra, NIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]257-263
Stereos elective transformations of polyhydroxyazepanes to piperidine and pyrrolidine derivatives-Efficient glycosidase inhibitorsLohray, B B; Prasuna, G; Jayamma, Y; Raheem, M AIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]220-225
Opening of oxirane ring with N-nucleo-philes under microwave irradiationGupta, Rajive; Paul, Satya; Gupta, Avinash K; Kachroo, P L; Dandia, AnshuIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]281-283
An efficient synthesis of 1,2,4-oxathiazoles from N-acylthiourea derivativesChan, Chung Woo; Dominic Ng, Chun Ming; Ho, Joyce; Tin, Kam ChungIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]216-219
Isolation of 3β-hydroxyolean-12-ene and related triterpenoids from the leaves of Terminalia arjunaChauhan, S M S; Parkash, Som; Kaushik, RekhaIJC-B Vol.36B(03) [March 1997]297-298