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Morphological and molecular analysis of Otolithoides pama (Hamilton, 1822) (Perciformes: Sciaenidae) from Hooghly-Matlah estuarine system of West Bengal, IndiaBhakta, D; Das, S K; Das, B K; Behera, B K; Nagesh, T S; Johnson, C; Chakraborty, H JIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]219-227
Wave attenuation by coastal heterospecific vegetation - modeling of synthetic plant meadows by Response Surface Methodology (RSM)Hemavathi, S; Manjula, RIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]193-202
New distributional record of four Dragonet species (Perciformes: Callionymidae) from Odisha coast, India with comments on occurrence of other Callionymus species in Indian watersRoy, S; Pradhan, J; Ray, D; Mohanty, S R; Patro, S; Saren, S C; Mishra, S S; Mohapatra, AnilIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]212-218
Seasonal variation in the abundance and species diversity of penaeid shrimps from the coastal area of Sonmiani Bay Lagoon, Balochistan, PakistanAmanat, Z; Saher, N U; Qureshi, N AIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]228-235
Occurrence and length weight relationship of Indo-Pacific mugilid Chelon carinatus (Valenciennes 1836) in four river estuaries of TurkeyInnal, DIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]236-240
Texture and mineralogy of beach sediments of Chavara and Manavalakurichi, South India - A comparative analysisGayathri, G S; Sundararajan, M; Rejith, R G; Sreela, S R; Silambarasan, S; Pruthiviraj, NIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]203-211
Metrics for the assessment of quantity and quality of the data by Argo floatsSatish, R U V N; Bhaskar, T V S UdayaIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]187-192
Observation and modeling approach in acoustic propagation in the shallow waters of southwest Bay of BengalNoufal, K K; Latha, G; Ramesh, RIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]177-186
Estimation of morphometric relationships for flathead sillago, Sillaginopsis panijus (Hamilton, 1822) in the Bay of Bengal (Bangladesh) using multi-linear dimensionsSabbir, W; Rima, F A; Hossain, M Y; Rahman, M A; Tanjin, S; Hasan, M R; Mawa, Z; Islam, M A; Khan, M NIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]253-257
Maximum sustainable yield estimate for Brown shrimp, Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius 1798) in marine waters of Bangladesh using trawl catch logBarua, SIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]258-261